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Photo of Bandai S.H. Figuarts Jabba the Hutt Figure Surfaces

September 17, 2017


I remember a couple of years ago, a bunch of photos of upcoming figures in Bandai’s S.H. Figuarts line were posted, along with a mention that they had also shown a Jabba the Hutt figure. I scoured the Internet at the time hoping to find a photo of that figure, but never found anything, and never really heard about it again. But a recent post on JediInsider included a photo of that very figure.

It’s a bit of an odd choice in some ways. You have to ask if the tail really need this much articulation, when it affects the appearance of the figure so much. I also wonder if the mouth is articulated at all — it’s hard to tell. Unfortunately we don’t seem to have any info on whether this is still on the way or if it has been canceled. The sculpt is otherwise quite good though, so it would be a shame if this never got released.


Now on YouTube: “Why A Standalone Jabba the Hutt Movie Could Be Great”

September 8, 2017

There has been some pushback lately about the idea of making a standalone movie based on Jabba the Hutt, so I thought I would tackle a few of the criticisms I’ve seen about the idea.


Japanese “Putitto Star Wars” Figures (Fuchiko-san Style “Glass Sitter” Figures)

September 3, 2017


I remember seeing little Fuchiko-san figures like this when I was in Japan the last time. They’re little women that cling to your glass in various poses, and apparently they are popular enough that they’ve come out with all kinds of variations and clones — such as these Star Wars versions. I ended up buying an entire box of these on Amazon Japan for cheaper than what they would have cost on eBay.


They come in a box that converts into a retail display box which is kind of nice. You get 8 boxes and there are only 5 variations of figure, so you’d think you’d get all of them if you buy a box. But there is a note in Japanese saying that they don’t guarantee this. Luckily, I did get them all, plus two Jabbas, two Ewoks and two Luke/Yoda figures.


I unboxed these in the video below. I found that the glass I was using (a vintage Burger King glass) was maybe not the best match for these since some of them had a tendency to fall off. But anyway, I thought there were pretty cute, and definitely a bit unusual.

Upcoming: Bib Fortuna Mini-Bust from Gentle Giant

August 12, 2017


This isn’t exactly breaking news, since it was announced back during SDCC, but I thought it would be worth a post. While Gentle Giant has made a number of mini-busts for Jabba’s Palace characters (including Slave Leia, Oola, Gamorrean Guard, Leia as Boushh, Lando in Skiff Guard Outfit, and Yak Face), Bib Fortuna and of course Jabba himself were notable omissions. While Jabba might not be possible due to his size, it’s good to see that they’re finally giving Bib his due. I think he looks quite good (the photos are taken from this thread on created by user LightSword).


The bad news is that he is apparently going to be limited to just 550 pieces, and will be a sort of “surprise” release sometime in the latter half of the year. By that I mean that there won’t be a preorder, and instead the bust will just be announced as “in stock” at some point. There will be priority ordering for Premier Guild members, though, so if you want to make sure you get one and aren’t forced to rely on the secondary market, joining the PGM program might not be a bad idea.


Giga Pets Rancor Monster Digital Pet Review Now on YouTube

August 8, 2017

I wrote an article about this years ago, but here’s a full video review of the Giga Pets Rancor.

Jabba the Hutt Hot Wheels Character Car on for $1.25

May 24, 2017

Even though I don’t particularly like die-cast cars, I’ve spent a lot of time looking for the Jabba the Hutt Character Car by Hot Wheels. While I didn’t make special trips to search for it, every time I was in a store that carried the Star Wars Hot Wheels cars, I made a point to check whether they had a Jabba, and I literally never found one after months of looking. It seems that for whatever reason, the Jabba car was mostly relegated to discount stores (and also to Canadian retailers, it seems).

So when I saw that (a site that primarily sells off surplus products that didn’t sell at normal retailers) was selling this and other Star Wars cars for just $1.25, I had to buy… a few. Of note, the ones I got from Hollar were all the original artwork, instead of the alternative artwork found on the one in the center of the photo above. (Check my post about these cars for more info about these versions and a look at the original artwork for the product.) Also related: the two-pack with Han in Carbonite and Jabba.

By the way, Hollar is also the only place I know of that currently sells the Jabba the Hutt plush bag clip I posted about a while back. They are still available as of this writing.

Buffalo Bisons Baseball Team to Wear Jabba the Hutt Jerseys

May 24, 2017

The Buffalo Bisons minor league baseball team is going to be donning Jabba-themed jerseys for their Star Wars Night event. These actually look really nice. They are auctioning off several of game-worn autographed jerseys on their site. I would love to have one of these, but I have a feeling these will go out of my price range for this kind of item. (There is a buy-it-now option for $500.)

This isn’t the first time a baseball team has worn Jabba jerseys. A couple of years ago, I posted about how the Altoona Curve was wearing Jabba-themed jerseys for their own Star Wars night event. The jerseys themselves were not the best though, since they just had a poorly photoshopped image of the Ultra Jabba action figure on them. Seriously!

The Michigan Whitecaps also had great Jabba-themed t-shirts and baseballs for their event back in 2013.