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Paper-Cut Jabba the Hutt by Otaku Papercraft

February 16, 2017


I received this paper-cut Jabba the Hutt (with custom “Mighty Jabba’s Collection” background) from an Italian fan. It was created by Otaku Papercraft. I believe this is their Facebook page, although it’s all in Italian. Thanks very much, Federico!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Mighty Jabba’s Collection!

February 14, 2017

In honor of the day, I thought I would make a video looking at some vintage and modern Star Wars Valentines.

Jabba the Hutt Coin Purse by Loungefly

February 12, 2017


I posted about this months ago, before it was released, and for some reason never posted a follow-up after I got one in hand. This coin purse is made of faux leather and I’ll have to say I just love the design. Companies tend to stick with the more mainstream characters like Vader, R2-D2 and Yoda, so I love it when they take a bit of a chance and make something like this.

Most of Loungefly’s extensive Star Wars collection seems to target women, but their coin purses aren’t quite so obviously feminine — especially if you were to use it as a pouch instead of a coin purse, as I plan to do.


I liked these so much I ended up getting some other characters as well, as you can see in the video below:

Jabba the Hutt Plush Bag Clip by PhatMojo

January 29, 2017


To give you an idea of how negligent I’ve been about updating this site, I got this item back in late September of last year, but never posted about it until now. I got this from, and to my surprise it’s still available there for $4.

I get the impression that Hollar gets a lot of their stock in the form of overstock from “Dollar Store” type retail outlets, so these keychains might have been available in that kind of store, but all I know is that I had never seen or heard about this item until I found it by chance on their site. Needless to say, I was quite excited.


It’s a bit of a bizarre design. The face is kind of off-putting. Somehow the detailed face design doesn’t match the very simple body, and the face just looks kind of odd. I also have no idea what the “collar” he appears to be wearing is supposed to be. It’s also big enough to be a small plush, rather than a bag clip. But regardless, it’s VERY unusual for me to find a brand new Jabba item that I’ve never seen before, so I’m not complaining. Here is the back of the cardboard tag that shows the other characters in the line, and I believe they are all still available at Hollar.


Jabba the Hutt Hot Wheels Character Car (Two Variants + Original Artwork)

January 22, 2017


I first picked up this Jabba the Hutt Hot Wheels car quite some time ago, and while I made a video about it at the time, it seems that I never posted anything about it on the site. So allow me to rectify that now. First of all let me say that this car is quite difficult to find. Every time I go to a store that carries the Star Wars Hot Wheels cars, I check to see if they have a Jabba, and I’ve never found one ever, even after months of looking. I think maybe they just never made it to my neck of the woods. So I had to get mine online, but even on places like eBay these go for a lot more than the typical car. And yes, there are two different versions of the packaging, but more on that in a minute.


The car itself is not bad as these things go. It portrays him as a garbage truck with an exhaust pipe taking the place of Jabba’s hookah pipe.


It’s also got his clan symbol on the bottom.


Back to the packaging. The version on the right above is the more common one, at least at this point. I’ve only seen a handful of sellers with the version on the left.


The back of the package is also somewhat different. Most notably, the cars listed under “Collect Them All!” are different. But they didn’t just redesign the package. The artwork on the front is actually completely different between the two versions. The faces in particular are pretty different, and if you look closely Jabba’s tail is facing different directions as well.


I was Googling around trying to figure out why they did this, when I stumbled upon the Facebook page of Ken Christiansen, who did the artwork for many of the cars in this line. When I asked him about the other version, he said that it was an alternative version that he did, but he didn’t even realize it had been used for anything until I showed him a photo. He also said that he originally did the artwork for a single pack version before being told he would have to redo it with Jabba facing the other way because it was going to be used on a two-pack instead. (I actually saw a listing for a two-pack with the Jabba car and Han Solo on the Toys R Us website a while back, but then it disappeared and I can’t find the image now. It think it’s been canceled. [EDIT: Turns out it is actually available as a two-pack with Han in Carbonite, although I haven’t yet gotten one.]) So that explains why there are two versions, but not why they decided to actually release two very similar versions like this. My guess is that they decided the other version fit better on the package when they changed the design.


It turned out that Ken had the original pencil drawing he used for this artwork for sale, so I bought it from him. It had been virtually “inked” and colored using Photoshop, and that is the version you see below. (Ken also gave me a print of this colored version and I think I may frame them one on top of the other.)


It was also apparently reworked a fair amount by Lucasfilm Licensing — apparently without Ken’s involvement. The face on the final artwork is noticeably different. Anyway, I was excited to get this because I don’t really have any packaging artwork. Even though the final version is heavily processed and digitally altered compared to the original sketch, the sketch is still where it got its start, and the hands, arms and body are almost unchanged.

Jabba’s Realm Expansion and Jabba the Hutt Villain Pack for Star Wars Imperial Assault by Fantasy Flight Games

January 16, 2017


I should preface this by saying that I don’t have the main Imperial Assault game yet, so I can’t actually play this or make any intelligent observations about the rules. I do intend to get it at some point when I find a good deal, but I don’t have the time to actually play right now, and in any case as a Jabba collector I am most interested in the models. The “Jabba’s Realm” expansion is a full expansion for the game, and includes quite a number of cards for the additional characters, skills and so forth that are introduced, plus cardboard floor maps that you play the game on. The “Jabba the Hutt Villain Pack” includes a Jabba figure and some cards/rules for using him. I’m going to be focusing mostly on the miniatures here, but here is a photo from the Fantasy Flight Games site that shows some of the cards, etc.


On to the miniatures… First we’ll take a look at Jabba.


It seems kind of odd that the “Jabba’s Realm” expansion leaves out Jabba himself, but in any case in the Villain Pack you get this plastic miniature that comes in 3 pieces (head/arms, body/tail and base). They fit together pretty tightly without the need for glue. I would say the sculpt is pretty good, but not fantastic.


The larger “Jabba’s Realm” expansion comes with 16 miniatures: 4 Gamorrean Guards, 4 Weequay, 4 stormtroopers and 3 character minis, plus the very large rancor. First I need to address some issues I had with these. 3 out of the 4 Gamorreans had broken force pikes (and the Weequays’ weapons were also pretty bent). Onar Koma’s blaster was broken. And perhaps most disturbing of all, one of the stormtroopers was missing the entire upper portion of his body! I understand that you can use this online form to request replacements for broken pieces, and I intend to do that, but this didn’t leave a good first impression. The miniatures are all just thrown into a plastic bag, and when you have such thin pieces on the weapons I think breakage is almost inevitable.


The rancor was undamaged, thankfully, and is quite large and impressive. The teeth seem a bit too long somehow, but that’s quibbling. He comes in several parts, plus the base, all of which friction-fit together. He seems to be about the right size relative to the humanoid figures, but I think maybe Jabba is a bit small.


I had been looking forward to getting these, but the breakage (and the flimsy thin plastic on some of the figures that caused it) kind of took a bit of the shine off of it for me. I’d say these are pretty good figures though, and I do look forward to being able to actually play the game at some point.

Jabba the Hutt Tsum Tsum Car by Takara Tomy Star Cars (Japan)

January 11, 2017

Before I write this entry, let me first apologize for the lack of updates recently. While I’ve been adding new content to the YouTube channel fairly regularly, for various reasons I kept putting off adding new items to the site. I am going to try and fix that over the next few weeks as I go through my backlog. Now then…


Takara Tomy has a rather large line of Tomica die-cast character cars, which are cars that are designed like a particular character, whether it be from Star Wars, Disney or elsewhere. This particular one is part of a sort of sub-category of Tsum Tsum character cars, which are meant to resemble not just particular characters, but the Disney Tsum Tsum plush version of that character. So this one is a car version of the Jabba the Hutt Tsum Tsum plush. Kind of a weird concept, frankly, but it seems to work.


It’s surprisingly cute in person. Photos don’t convey quite how round and pudgy the car looks. He’s got a nice heft to him as well.


I neglected to take a photo of his rear (ahem!) but you can see it in the video I made below. He’s got a tail and even a “Jabba the Hutt” license plate. These are only available in Japan or through importers, although I would think they would actually do pretty well in normal American toy stores if they would be released here.