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Jabba’s Palace Smuggler’s Bounty Subscription Box by Funko

July 22, 2016


I am not a big-time Funko POP! figure collector, and frankly I sometimes think they’re more popular than they really have a right to be. But I did originally sign up for the Smuggler’s Bounty subscription box, since I thought the idea of an all-Star Wars subscription service sound cool, and it was supposed to include a variety of merchandise, rather than just POP! figures. I reviewed the first two boxes on my YouTube channel (Box #1, Box #2) but I decided after the second box that I didn’t want to continue. They were a bit too POP-focused for me, and I also felt you didn’t get quite enough stuff in each box to warrant the price. But then they announced that they were doing a Jabba’s Palace-themed box for July, so of course I had to sign back up for that one.

Each of these boxes comes with a pin and a patch that match the theme, and this was no exception. The pin is of a Gamorrean Guard and the patch features Leia as Boushh, along with a small picture of Jabba’s Palace.

jabba_smugglers_bounty5  jabba_smugglers_bounty6

The biggest item in the box, and my favorite item for obvious reasons, was a Jabba figural mug. The head is based on the Jabba figure from the Walmart-exclusive 3-pack. They had previously included a C-3PO mug in one of these boxes, and I’ve seen other characters at Target. But I’m glad that they made a Jabba — this is actually the first figural mug of Jabba that has been made.


Most of these boxes have included T-shirts, but this one included a hat instead. That was disappointing since I had been looking forward to an awesome POP-style shirt with Jabba on it. And I don’t understand why they picked this hat in particular. It features C-3PO and the message “Programmed for Etiquette.” Kind of an odd hat, really, and doesn’t seem to fit with the Jabba theme at all.


Another item that is a bit of a stretch (theme-wise) is this Boba Fett plush. It’s pretty nice, but there is no shortage of Boba Fett plushes. Why not make something more appropriate for Jabba’s palace?


Finally, the POP! figure is also a bit of a letdown. It’s specific to Jabba’s Palace, but since it’s R2-D2, I think they could have easily sold it as a normal release. Why not give us one of the more obscure Jabba’s Palace characters that we might not otherwise get? It’s a nice figure, although the name “R2-D2 (Jabba’s Skiff)” is inaccurate. R2 was on Jabba’s sail barge and not the skiffs.


Overall, I would say it’s a bit of a disappointment, but only because it seems like there were some missed opportunities here. The items they did include are reasonably good, though.


I also did an unboxing video of this, which you can view below.

Wooden Jabba Logo by WoodChuck

July 17, 2016


I first heard about WoodChuck (aka Chuck Bowman) on Roxy the Rancor’s Facebook page. Chuck had made a wooden logo plaque for Roxy, and I thought it looked really good. I contacted Chuck to see if it would be possible to have one made for me.


I originally thought about having it based on Jabba from Return of the Jedi, but decided that it would make more sense to use the vintage Jabba figure instead, since he’s sort of my mascot. He uses a method called intarsia, where pieces of wood are cut out and sanded before being reassembled to make the finished image. For Jabba, we decided on an exotic wood called Yellowheart, which is naturally yellow and would make a good match for the color of the figure.


If you look closely, you can see the wood grain. The plaque is 2 feet in diameter and weighs around 16 pounds. The lettering and plaque background are red oak, while Jabba’s tattoo symbol is made of dark walnut.


I’m quite impressed with the detail Chuck put into this piece. I have it displayed in a place of honor on one wall of my office.


I made a YouTube video that shows some in-progress photos if you’re interested in seeing more about how this was made.


Now on YouTube: “Jabba the Hutt Character Pack for LEGO The Force Awakens”

July 10, 2016

I just realized that I neglected to link this on the site. I did a quick video overview of the Jabba’s Palace Character Pack for the recently released LEGO The Force Awakens game. The pack was made available as a preorder bonus from GameStop, and includes the playable characters Jabba the Hutt, Slave Leia, Boushh, Oola, Bib Fortuna, Max Rebo, Gamorrean Guard and Malakili (the Rancor Keeper).


“Jabba the Cute” Plushes by Brandon Dicks

July 9, 2016


I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: I’m a sucker for cute Jabbas. Oh, I like super-realistic figures and statues too, but there’s something about the idea of turning a repulsive alien gangster into an adorable anime-style character that really appeals to me.

This plush was created by Brandon Dicks, based on his “Jabba the Cute” artwork (which he also included a print of in my order — nice!).


He assembles them himself (the tag says “Made in My Livingroom” on the reverse), and I’ll have to say they are quite well done. It’s about 12″ wide. You can still order these on his Storenvy site. Oh, did I mention that he also makes a mini version? They’re listed as being 7″ wide, but I’d say it’s more like 5 or 6. But smaller is cuter, in my opinion, so no complaints from me.


I also made a short video about these for my YouTube channel, which you can see below:

Now on YouTube: “Jabba’s Palace Roll Call: BG-J38”

June 16, 2016

Here’s a short video I made recently about BG-J38, Jabba’s games droid. I covered the Hasbro figure a few years ago, and it also makes an appearance in this video.


Link: “Star Wars Smuggler’s Bounty: Jabba’s Palace Teaser!” on YouTube

June 16, 2016

Here’s a nicely done teaser video for Funko’s upcoming Jabba’s Palace edition of the Smuggler’s Bounty subscription box.

3D Printed Faux-Bronze Rancor Statue

June 2, 2016


My 3D printer has been humming almost non-stop since I got it a few months ago. I posted earlier about the Disney Infinity Jabba that I printed and painted, and I have done quite a number of other prints, both Star Wars-related and not. But this is by far the largest project I tackled. Geoffro is a 3D modeler who often posts things to Thingiverse, and when I saw that he had added this model recently, I knew I had to print it. You can download the model here. It’s available as a one-piece version, which you could use if you wanted to print it off all at once, but if you want it to be large, you’ll want to use the multi-piece version.


I determined that the torso was the largest piece, so I scaled that up as large as I could for my printer (the Dremel 3D Idea Builder). It turned out that I could make it 125% the original size, so I scaled all of the other pieces up by 125% as well. That resulted in a final model that was around 12″ tall, or very similar to the AMT/ERTL vinyl model kit I made a few years ago.


I glued the pieces together and used some Bondo automotive body filler to fill in any cracks. Then I sanded the joints and the piece overall to smooth it out. I attached it to a wooden base, both because it looks nice to have a base, and because it wouldn’t quite stand up on its own without it. I used sand, gravel and pebbles mixed with white glue to texture the base.


Then I painted it using a faux-bronze technique that I came up with a while ago. I think it turned out pretty well. Although you can still make out some of the horizontal banding that is typical of 3D prints in a few places, for the most part the effect is very convincing.


Geoffro apparently has a Gamorrean Guard model in the works to go in the rancor’s hand, and has also designed a Jabba model that I hope will be released soon. I made a YouTube video about making this piece which you can see here:


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