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Unproduced Prototype Gemmy Airblown Inflatable Jabba the Hutt with Christmas Present

April 8, 2018

gemmy_jabba_prototype3I was surprised when this popped up on eBay the other day. I have a number of inflatable Jabba figures at this point. The first was the Morbid Industries Jabba, which is the largest and was widely billed as being “life size,” although that is debatable. All of the other ones are from Gemmy and are variations on the same design you see above. There’s the larger Canadian-exclusive Jabba figure holding a Jack o’lantern, and also a much smaller version not holding anything, which was sold at Walmart stores in the US.


This prototype is sort of a combination of those two figures. It’s the smaller size of the Walmart version (maybe 3″ tall by 5″ wide), but has him holding something like the Canadian version. But of course in this case he’s holding a Christmas present instead of a Jack o’lantern. I don’t have any information about how this was used or how it ended up for sale. The seller had quite a number of prototype Gemmy figures for sale (although this was the only Jabba), and said they just bought them as a lot on pallets. Either way, I was really happy to get this for a very reasonable price.


If you look closely, you’ll see that all of the details on the face, arm (tattoo) and Christmas present are hand-painted, although with the exception of the tattoo they match up very closely with the details on the retail versions.


As far as I know, this version never went into production. In fact, all of the other inflatable figures I have were marketed as Halloween decorations, rather than for Christmas, which I find interesting. They have made a number of Christmas decorations of other Star Wars characters, but maybe they thought Jabba wasn’t quite festive enough. Personally, I think adding a Santa hat to Jabba would have been a good idea.


A little Googling shows that there are actually some people who collect Gemmy prototypes, so I guess it’s not too unusual for them to sold in this way. If anyone knows anything about how these were used in the production process, I’d be interested to know.



Real Silver and Gold Jabba the Hutt Coins by the New Zealand Mint

March 19, 2018

I posted about the New Zealand Mint back in 2015. Back then, I was talking about their gold- and silver-plated coins with Jabba on them. Since they incorporate some kind of color printing or decal into the coin, they don’t quite look like proper coins, but they weren’t super expensive either, although I did have to wait a while to find an acceptable deal on the gold version.


It seems they are stepping up their game a bit, since they have now released 3 high-end coins in silver and gold, all implausibly featuring Jabba the Hutt. The first is the 1oz silver coin pictured below. They all come in a nice looking presentation box, and are proper engraved coins, unlike the previous releases.

This retails for $85 on the company’s website and is limited to 10,000 pieces. (As of this writing, silver costs about $17.50 per oz).

Next we have a 1/4 oz gold coin. It also comes with a nice wood (?) display case. It retails for $600 on the website and is limited to 1,000 pieces.


Gold is currently at roughly $1,300 per oz, so that’s $325 worth of gold and $275 worth of Jabba, I guess.

Finally, there is a 1oz gold coin that retails for $2,500 (!) on the website and is limited to 500 pieces. So you’re paying a $1,200 premium over and above the cost of the gold.

This one uses the same design as the silver coin, showing more of Jabba’s body. It’s not clear just looking at the pictures what the difference between the 1/4 and 1 oz coins is. In fact, the 1 oz version below looks like it might be smaller than the 1/4 oz version above. But looking at the technical specs shows that the 1/4 oz one is 22mm in diameter, while the 1 oz one is 32mm. Maybe the 1 oz is also thicker?


In any case, it’s not often that I introduce items here that I have no intention of buying, but barring a donation from a generous and wealthy fan, there is no way I’m getting the gold versions of these coins. I might consider the silver version, but even then I would have to find a good deal.

I really do wonder if there are 500 people in the world willing to pay $2,500 for a coin like this, but basically I guess it all depends on how much overlap there is between coin collectors and Star Wars fans.

Video Rundown of Upcoming Jabba Merchandise (Hasbro Sail Barge, Sideshow Jabba and More!)

March 9, 2018

Sideshow Announces New 1/6 Scale Jabba the Hutt Figure (Available for Preorder Today!)

March 7, 2018

Sideshow Collectibles just announced via a YouTube video that they are going to be releasing a brand new 1/6 scale Jabba the Hutt figure, complete with a throne and Salacious Crumb figure! And it’s up for preorder today at a price of $795 (with a non-refundable deposit of $79.50), for delivery in the fourth quarter of 2018. I am amazed that they are actually doing this. I thought maybe Hot Toys would make one at some point, but it seemed unlikely that Sideshow would just do a revamp of their original Jabba setup from 2007. But here we are. Between this and Hasbro’s sail barge, I am starting to wonder if there isn’t some truth to the rumors of a Jabba the Hutt standalone movie in the pipeline.

At first glance, it looks very impressive, with multiple sets of eyes (including sleeping eyes!), hands, and mouths to help evoke his various scenes and emotions. I’m not sure at this point if the arms can actually be posed or just swapped. It’s sounding like it’s the latter. He seems to be entirely made of PVC plastic, which is not too different from the first vinyl figure they made, but he does appear to be more detailed.

The paint job looks very impressive (although it seems almost cartoony in the shot above). Of course it is a prototype in the photos, so who knows how good the final production piece will look.

The throne is also pretty amazing looking — even better than the original throne, which was already quite impressive. The $795 does give me pause (although to be honest I was afraid it might be even higher when I first saw the piece). The original figure from 2009 cost $119.99, but was sold separately from the throne ($199.99) and the two creature packs that were available ($39.99 and $32.99). So total retail price for the entire setup would have been  $392.96, or just about half the cost of this new version. But when you consider that Sideshow’s normal 1/6 scale figures used to cost around $55 and now they cost well over $200, this increase in price probably shouldn’t be a surprise. And to be fair, this does look somewhat nicer than the original set as well.

Incredibly, there are now two Jedi Luke figures up for preorder that could fit into this display. One is from Hot Toys and the other is from Sideshow and can be made into three different versions of Luke.  Although I have largely stopped collected 1/6 scale figures due to the cost and waning interest on my part, I have already placed my order for the Jabba set. I can’t wait!

Mystery Jabba the Hutt Plush Bag Clip

March 2, 2018

It’s pretty unusual for me to not know about a Jabba item, and Jabba plushes in particular are something that I like to think I have a pretty good grasp of, but I had never seen this item before it popped up on eBay. It has no markings that I can see, and the tag appears to have been removed. I spent longer than I would care to admit trying to find something similar to this on Google, but with no luck. The other plush bag clip that I have in my collection was also an item that I had never seen before it appeared on, so maybe this was also sold at discount stores. Still, I’d really like to know what company made it. He looks a little sad, doesn’t he?

Sample 2017 Little League World Series Pin (LEGO Jabba the Hutt)

February 28, 2018

Sometimes things appear on eBay that I had no idea even existed. Before this item cropped up, I didn’t even know that Little League pins were a thing, but after doing some research it seems that individual teams have them made and then trade them with other teams at the Little League World Series. This one is obviously based on the LEGO Jabba the Hutt included in the new Jabba’s Palace set, but it includes some things that are not in that set, like the Jawa and the differently shaped hooka pipe. A little poking around Google Image Search revealed that they based this on a photo from Flickr, which you can see below, although they did make a few changes. My hunch is that they just traced it in Illustrator to make the design for the pin.

There are a couple of interesting things about this pin. First of all, it is absolutely gigantic. Although the auction had listed the sizes in inches, I didn’t really understand how big and heavy it was until I had it in hand. This would be an absolute monster of a pin to actually wear. The “FL 12” and “MI 9” numbers on the pin presumably refer to Florida and Michigan, but I’m not entirely sure what their significance is. Are they scores? Team numbers of some kind? I’d be interested to hear if someone knows more.

You can see by the number of posts in the back just how big this is.

You can also see that this is marked as a “sample,” which is the other interesting thing about this pin. This particular pin is different from the ones that would have been traded, although I’m not sure if the size and coloration are different. The magenta coloration seems to indicate that this was not the final color scheme, and the fact that the same seller later put up two other color variations (pink and black & white) tends to support that idea. I’d like to see what the final version of the pin looked like, and maybe even get one (although I understand that they were not produced in very high numbers at all).

Vintage Lucasfilm Jabba the Hutt Licensing Slick

February 19, 2018


This licensing slick (so named because it is printed on somewhat glossy paper, similar to an advertising slick) was given to Lucasfilm licensees to supply them with officially approved line art and to ensure that they would use the correct colors on their products. It is in black & white as you can see, but it specifies Pantone colors for the various parts of the characters, and for most of the characters (but not Jabba) they also included the character’s height so licensees could scale them appropriately.

I’ve written at length about the issue of Jabba’s coloration (see here, here and especially here), so I was very interested when a bunch of these licensing slicks recently popped up on eBay.  I have collected images of all of the ones that were available into a PDF which can be downloaded here, but the Jabba one is the only one I actually own. In some sense, it gives the definitive answer of what color Jabba should be — at least in the context of vintage merchandise. Here are the Pantone color numbers they specify, along with the actual colors they correspond to.


The coloration isn’t too far off what we might expect, but there are some interesting things to note. Under “Skin Shades” they list the colors 457U, 142U and 371U. But under that, it says that if you can only use one color you should choose 124U.


It seems possible to me that either 124U or 142U is a typo, since they have one number inverted, and it seems odd that the color they say you should use if you can only choose one color isn’t one of the main colors listed under “skin shades.” At the very least, this seems likely to have caused some confusion among licensees.

If you look through some of the vintage items on my site, you’ll see that this line art or variations of it was extremely common on licensed products. I’m not going to try and find every instance of it, but just looking for a few minutes yielded many examples. In fact, it’s more unusual for a Jabba-related vintage product to not use this artwork. I do wonder about some of the embellishments and changes. Were these all done by the licensees? You can also see that many of them didn’t pay too close attention to the rules about Jabba’s coloration — Topps for example made their Jabba pine green.


I was excited to get this piece because it’s so central to many of the items that I remember as a kid. The same seller had a lot of items related to the watch company Bradley Time, including concept art for some of their watches and unused watch face stickers, so it’s possible that these slicks came from there, in which case it would have served as the basis for these watches (although again Jabba is green…)