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Vintage Max Rebo Band Pajamas from Wilker Bros. (1983)

November 21, 2022

I don’t really update this site anymore, but today I was asked if I had a photo of Max Rebo Band pajamas, and I realized that I got mine after I stopped posting here, and there weren’t any good images on Google. So in the interest of getting these images into a Google image search, here are my Max Rebo Pajamas.

If anything these were even harder to track down than the Jabba ones. While I have unused in-package examples of the Jabba pajamas, all I have for the Rebo Band are these very well used examples. The first time I saw a set of these pajamas come up on eBay, it was back in 2011 or 2012 and I missed the buy-it-now by mere seconds. I saved the picture from the auction for reference, (see below). I was finally able to pick up a set of these many years later, and it wasn’t until I compared the stains and creased tag on mine with the original auction photo that I realized it was the same exact set that I had missed out on years before! (I also have the pictured pajama bottoms, but they don’t have any Star Wars branding or anything on them).

As you can see, they made yellow and blue versions. I’m not sure if all the yellow ones were long sleeve and the blue ones were short sleeve, but that’s how my examples are.

I’ve said this many times, but vintage kids’ clothing like this can actually be some of the hardest stuff to find since so much of it got used and then thrown out. It also tends to not be very sought-after or expensive, so people probably aren’t incentivized to look for it and put it on eBay. The two examples in my collection are the only ones I’ve seen come up for sale in any form.

I’m releasing my first custom figure! (And opening an Etsy shop)

July 20, 2021

I haven’t been posting here very much recently (in fact I see that this is my first post for 2021!). The reason is simple. When I make a post on platforms like YouTube and Instagram I get hundreds or thousands of views and dozens of comments. Here, I generally get nothing. I understand that’s just the nature of the modern internet — people don’t really read blogs much anymore. But it’s generally not worth it to me to be posting here if nobody reads it. That said, this site won’t be going away anytime soon. I like having a permanent “home” like this, and there’s more than a decade of back posts that show up when people Google various collectibles that I’ve featured. Still, I don’t expect to be posting a much here moving forward. If you like the site, please follow me on Instagram, as that’s where I’ve been posting additions to my collection. And of course it would be great if you could subscribe to me on YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, in my latest video I talk about the process of preparing my “Visible Hutt” figure for release, including making boxes and opening an Etsy store, and give details about their upcoming release (this Friday the 23rd!)

Win a Jabba the Hutt Concept Maquette from Regal Robot!

December 8, 2020

I’m teaming up with Regal Robot to give away one of their Jabba the Hutt Concept Maquettes on my YouTube channel. The short video below explains about the contest and how to enter (unfortunately it is limited to the US for licensing reasons). 

And here is a direct link to the contest page:

I made a 3D-Printed Jumbo Vintage Kenner Jabba the Hutt Figure

December 1, 2020

Back in July of 2015, Gentle Giant showed a prototype of a Jumbo Jabba the Hutt figure that was supposed to be released in their line of Jumbo Kenner Star Wars figures. It looked pretty impressive, and even though I knew it would be expensive, I eagerly awaited news of when it would be available for preorder. I also picked up a number of other Jumbo figures that I knew would go well with Jabba in a future display. But as the days turned into months and then years, and the momentum for Gentle Giant’s Jumbo line seemed to wane, it seemed less and less likely that they would actually be releasing this figure.

After about five years had passed, I discovered the 3D scans of vintage action figures that Desert Octopus had been making and selling on He had scans of a lot of vintage Kenner figures, and while he didn’t have a Jabba, when I reached out to him it seemed like he was open to the idea of scanning one. Maybe this was my chance to finally get a Jumbo Jabba. So I sent him one of my vintage Jabba figures, with the request that he scan it at as high a resolution as possible so that it could be blown up to a large size. The model that he created was perfect for what I wanted.


But of course printing it at Jumbo size was going to be a bit of a challenge, so first I decided to try just recreating the figure at actual size. I printed it on my Longer Orange 30 resin 3D printer, and I think it turned out really well, although even broken up into its component parts it barely fit on the print platform.


I then did my best to paint it to resemble the original figure:


After that, I got a little sidetracked by printing various other versions of the figure, including a blue “holographic” version, a red, a green, and a transparent version:


And I even turned the transparent version into a lamp with color-changing LEDs.


But of course what I really wanted was to make a Jumbo Jabba, so I started by trying to figure out how big he should be in the Jumbo scale. And this is where I went wrong at first. I had assumed that the Gentle Giant Jumbo figures were 1/6 scale, so a humanoid would be roughly 12″. But as it turns out a lot of them are quite a bit taller. Their Jumbo Bib Fortuna, for example, was around 13.5″ tall! So unfortunately my first attempt at a Jabba was too small. I printed the Jumbo versions using a traditional FDM 3D printer (the Creality CR-10 S4 and S5).

You can my first version and my final version below, with an original Kenner figure for scale:


I made a video about the process of printing and painting the figure, so I won’t go into too much detail here. But I think it turned out rather well in the end. Here he is with all of my Jumbo Kenner figures, and an actual Kenner Jabba for scale:


Jabba the Hutt Concept Maquette Replica by Regal Robot

November 8, 2020

During the making of Return of the Jedi, Phil Tippet created a maquette to present to George Lucas to get his final approval for the Jabba character. This concept maquette was the first incarnation of the character as we know him, so as a Jabba fan and collector, it was a sort of “holy grail” piece for me.

But as I posted back in 2011, the original piece was listed in a Profiles in History auction with an estimated price of $30,000 to $50,000, so this is a very high-ticket item. It apparently didn’t sell then, but I believe it did sell a while later (possibly for less than the original asking price, but still way more that I could hope to afford). I mused at the time that it would be great if someplace would make a collectible based on the piece, and it appears that the folks at Regal Robot heard my prayers, because that’s exactly what they’ve done.

This piece was apparently created by 3D modeling it from scratch, but with full access to the original piece, and from what I can tell it looks quite accurate. They’ve decided to recreate it as it originally would have looked, rather than the piece as it is today, since it’s pretty beat up at this point, with missing paint and some chips, etc.

I think they did a great job on the paint. One thing that surprised me is that he actually has stripes on his tail! They’re a bit harder to make out on the original piece, but they are there.

I’m very happy to finally be able to add this piece to my collection. As of this writing, it’s still available on Regal Robot’s website for $349, but it’s limited to just 250 pieces so I don’t expect that to last long.

I also made a YouTube video showing off the piece, which you can see below.

Upcoming: Rancor Prop Replica from Regal Robot

September 28, 2020

rancor-puppet-prop-replica-statue-12-868x900I was pretty surprised when I found out about this product during one of Regal Robot’s livestreams. Sideshow Collectibles already has a 1/6 scale Rancor statue coming out later this year, so with the addition of this prop replica, fans of Jabba’s favorite pet certainly are spoiled for choice. 


But while Sideshow’s offering is a statue of the rancor as a “character” (meaning that it is an artist’s interpretation of what the rancor would look like if it were actually real), Regal Robot’s rancor is intended to be a replica of the actual prop used in Return of the Jedi. There have been a lot of rancor statues made over the years, but as far as I know this is the first time someone has tried to exactly replicate the puppet from the film (although they are recreating it in resin rather than trying to make it an actual puppet). It’s apparently based on a 3D scan of the surviving prop, so this is about as legit as it gets. It will also come with a plaque signed by Phil Tippet, who was one of the sculptors and puppeteers of the Rancor.


The piece will be limited to only 83 pieces (1983 being the release year of Return of the Jedi). As you might imagine, something like this doesn’t come cheap. Their asking price is $2,999. Unfortunately that puts it out of my reach, but this does look like a very impressive piece.


Preorders will start on October 5th at 12PM EST, although I’m not sure when it is actually due to ship. More info can be had on Regal Robot’s site.

Jabba the Hutt and Salacious Crumb Ceramic Sculpted Mug (Target Galaxy’s Edge Collection)

September 11, 2020


Target now has a collection of Star Wars merchandise “inspired by” Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge park. When I first heard about this I thought they would literally be selling some of the merchandise from the parks, but from what I have seen that isn’t the case. But they do have a lot of cool and unique products, and one really nice surprise was this item.


It’s a figural mug, but it depicts Jabba as if he were a sort of roughly made plush toy. The style they used is quite a bit different from the actual Jabba plush available at Galaxy’s Edge, and I’d love to see them make something like this in an actual plush. It’s extremely cute. Just look at Salacious Crumb tucked behind his tail!



The mug itself is smaller than I had expected — about the size of a small coffee cup rather than an oversized tankard like the one from ThinkGeek. But that may actually be a good thing. I like how they have taken some of the design of Jabba’s hookah pipe and used them for the mug’s handle. This product retails for $9.99 and is still available at as well as Target stores at the time of this writing.

I ordered two of these, and they were poorly packaged by, so that one of the arrived cracked, and I’ve heard others have experienced similar problems. I do have a replacement on the way, so hopefully that one will be okay.

Vintage Jabba the Hutt Wristwatch (Square Face Version) By Bradley

August 21, 2020


I posted about Bradley’s other two varieties of Jabba the Hutt watch more than a decade ago, but at the time I didn’t realize that Bradley had created a third type of watch — this square faced one. It’s definitely more rare than the round ones because I can’t recall seeing one during my eBay searches until this one popped up, although it’s possible that I had skimmed over them thinking that they were the round version. The thought crossed my mind that it might actually be some kind of prototype, but it is listed in Gus & Duncan’s Guide, so I guess it was an actual product — just a much less common variety.


As you can see, the Jabba graphic on the square one is more of a blue color compared to the green on the other two varieties, and if you look closely at the face you’ll see that the square version is dated 1982, which is obviously not when the watch was actually released. Return of the Jedi wasn’t released until 1983, and famously was known as “Revenge of the Jedi” until fairly close to its release. In addition, Lucasfilm didn’t publicly release images of Jabba until after the film had come out since they didn’t want to spoil the surprise. I do have a licensing slick that Lucasfilm sent out to licensees to give them to artwork and colors to use for the character, and that is dated 1982, so maybe that caused some confusion?

By the way, The.French.Collection on Instagram has images of the concept artwork for these watches, including the square version (with 1982 date).

Upcoming: Jabba the Hutt Concept Maquette by Regal Robot

August 17, 2020


This upcoming piece by Regal Robot is legitimately one of my holy grails. It is a recreation of the sculpture that Phil Tippet created to present to George Lucas for his approval. That makes it the first physical representation of Jabba as we know him today (more or less).

More info can be had on the Regal Robot site. These will be going up for preorder on August 24th!

Princess Leia Pewter Statue by Royal Selangor

August 15, 2020


This may very well change in the future, but as of August 2020 I believe this is the last product made for Leia’s Huttslayer outfit (aka “Slave Leia”). It’s been on sale since it was released in 2016, but it appears that it is now finally starting to disappear from retail. I included it in my video about the “Top 15 Huttslayer Leia Collectibles” that I made in July, of this year, and at that point it was still available for purchase on Disney’s eCommerce site, but that’s no longer the case. It’s also no longer available directly from Royal Selangor, but it should still be available at some other retailers.


The Malaysian company Royal Selangor has an extensive line of Star Wars fine pewter items. Although they do have some cheaper items like keychains, they most of them are pretty expensive, and at the high end they have dioramas that are over $1,000. This particular piece retails for $299, which in all honesty does seem high. But I will say that it does feel like a high-quality product. It’s quite heavy and the base appears to be made of wood. The sculpt isn’t the best Carrie Fisher likeness I’ve ever seen, but it works well enough.


The only other Jabba-related product that they have is a diorama of Luke in the Rancor pit, which I would certainly love to have, but at a retail price of $1,000 I will definitely be passing on it.