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Princess Leia Pewter Statue by Royal Selangor

August 15, 2020


This may very well change in the future, but as of August 2020 I believe this is the last product made for Leia’s Huttslayer outfit (aka “Slave Leia”). It’s been on sale since it was released in 2016, but it appears that it is now finally starting to disappear from retail. I included it in my video about the “Top 15 Huttslayer Leia Collectibles” that I made in July, of this year, and at that point it was still available for purchase on Disney’s eCommerce site, but that’s no longer the case. It’s also no longer available directly from Royal Selangor, but it should still be available at some other retailers.


The Malaysian company Royal Selangor has an extensive line of Star Wars fine pewter items. Although they do have some cheaper items like keychains, they most of them are pretty expensive, and at the high end they have dioramas that are over $1,000. This particular piece retails for $299, which in all honesty does seem high. But I will say that it does feel like a high-quality product. It’s quite heavy and the base appears to be made of wood. The sculpt isn’t the best Carrie Fisher likeness I’ve ever seen, but it works well enough.


The only other Jabba-related product that they have is a diorama of Luke in the Rancor pit, which I would certainly love to have, but at a retail price of $1,000 I will definitely be passing on it.

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