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Jabba the Hutt MyMoji Figures from Funko

May 15, 2017

Funko has a growing line of emoji-inspired vinyl figures called MyMoji, and it is now joined by this set of Star Wars characters. There are 8 different characters, each with 3 different expressions, for a total of 24 unique figures. I bought the entire box since I thought they were all cute, but I’ll admit I probably wouldn’t have done so if they hadn’t have included Jabba. The figures are around an inch tall and sell for about $3 apiece in blind bags.

I unboxed the entire box of 24 in the video at the end of this post, and here are photos of the rest of the characters:


Using 3D Printing to Make Jabba the Hutt Cookie Cutters

May 1, 2017

I posted about my quest to recreate the original Pepperidge Farm Star Wars cookies from 1983 a little while ago, and while I was making that I picked up some skills that I wanted to put to use making a cartoony Jabba cookie cutter of my own. I based this off of the design from some plastic Hallmark cups that I posted about a while ago. I found a full version of the artwork from the cup online, then traced the individual parts of his body using illustrator.

I then converted the individual parts into 3D models using a program called Rhino 3D. I’m using the demo version and it works well, but it turns out that it costs $649, so I’m not going to be buying it. You could also use a site like Selva3D, which is what I used for my Pepperidge Farm cutter.

Then I used TinkerCAD to assemble the various parts into a single cutter. The main point here is to make the different parts be different elevations so that some parts of the cookie stick out, and others are recessed.

I did have to do a fair amount of experimenting with various designs to get the best one. I originally wanted to make it a one-piece cutter, but it was too difficult to get the dough out, so I used a two-part design. The inside imprints the details of the design, and the outside cuts out the cookie. This works pretty well.

Here’s some dough after being cut.

I’ve already posted a picture of the finished cookie at the top of this post, but I also made a green version by adding some green tea powder to the dough, so let me show you that:

I also took this opportunity to finally use my Star Jars Jabba the Hutt cookie jar for actually storing cookies.

The 3D model for the cookie cutter is available on Thingiverse if you have a 3D printer. I made a video about making this cutter if you’re interested.

Jabba the Hutt & Salacious B. Crumb Galactic Plushies by Funko (Celebration 2017 Exclusives)

April 23, 2017

These were released for Star Wars Celebration 2017 in Orlando, but they’re also a shared exclusive with, which means you can just get them on Amazon’s site for $20 instead of paying scalpers’ prices. This is part of Funko’s newish line of plushes. These are both very high quality plushes, constructed with soft fabric and well designed. I think for the $20 price they are a great deal.

There have only been a couple of Salacious Crumb plushes made. One is the Star Wars Buddies plush, and the other was the talking Salacious Crumb by Underground Toys, which I still haven’t had any luck finding. This one i quite cute and will sit up on his own, which is nice.

Jabba is also well made and quite large compared to the other characters in this line. He sort of reminds me of a custom Jabba plush I had made a few years ago. See the video below for a closer look at these.

Jabba the Hutt & Salacious Crumb Geeki Tikis Ceramic Cups by ThinkGeek

April 17, 2017

I first posted about these Celebration Orlando 2017 exclusives about a month ago, and at the time I was afraid I would have to spend quite a bit to get them, but as it turns out they are available directly from They come in a nice box that shows the other Star Wars-related Geeki Tikis on the back.

I’m really quite impressed with them. They’re not very practical to use as actual cups, and Jabba himself is pretty huge at more than 6″ tall. But as display pieces (or maybe as holders or planters) they are quite well done. ThinkGeek is also giving away a pin based on the same design if you buy fifty dollars worth of Star Wars merchandise (the pin is about 2″ tall and supposedly retails for $14.99).

See the video review below for a more detailed look at these.

Recreating Pepperidge Farm Star Wars Cookies from 1983 with 3D Printing!

April 16, 2017

This video ended up being more work than I had expected, but it was fun. It’s an overview of the Pepperidge Farm Star Wars cookies from 1983, and my attempt to use my 3D printer to recreate the Jabba the Hutt cookie.

Funko Jabba the Hutt & Salacious Crumb Plushes Now Up for Preorder on Amazon

April 13, 2017

The Jabba and Salacious plushes I mentioned a little while ago turned out to be a shared exclusive with Amazon, which is awesome since I don’t have to pay anything extra to get them! They are up for preorder now for $20 and will apparently be shipping on April 20th. Again, I was afraid I would have to pay through the nose for these, so this is very welcome news.

Click through to Amazon to order. Thanks go to Jenmarie for the heads-up on these.

Jabba & Salacious Crumb Geeki Tikis and Pin Now Available at

April 13, 2017

I posted about these celebration exclusives a while back, thinking that I would have to order them from a reseller on eBay, but thankfully ThinkGeek themselves have made them available on their site (as well as a “Series 2” collection of other Geeki Tikis). Plus, you get the Jabba & Salacious pin I mentioned in the previous post for free with a $50 order of Star Wars products — just enter the code “POODOO.” Supposedly it’s normally $14.99. That seems kind of high, but it is 2″ tall.

In any case, thanks go to the reader who pointed this out to me. I’m relieved to have two of the main Celebration exclusives on my list already checked off, and for less than I thought I would have to pay. I’ll post a review of them when they arrive.