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Jabba the Hutt and Salacious Crumb Ceramic Sculpted Mug (Target Galaxy’s Edge Collection)

September 11, 2020


Target now has a collection of Star Wars merchandise “inspired by” Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge park. When I first heard about this I thought they would literally be selling some of the merchandise from the parks, but from what I have seen that isn’t the case. But they do have a lot of cool and unique products, and one really nice surprise was this item.


It’s a figural mug, but it depicts Jabba as if he were a sort of roughly made plush toy. The style they used is quite a bit different from the actual Jabba plush available at Galaxy’s Edge, and I’d love to see them make something like this in an actual plush. It’s extremely cute. Just look at Salacious Crumb tucked behind his tail!



The mug itself is smaller than I had expected — about the size of a small coffee cup rather than an oversized tankard like the one from ThinkGeek. But that may actually be a good thing. I like how they have taken some of the design of Jabba’s hookah pipe and used them for the mug’s handle. This product retails for $9.99 and is still available at as well as Target stores at the time of this writing.

I ordered two of these, and they were poorly packaged by, so that one of the arrived cracked, and I’ve heard others have experienced similar problems. I do have a replacement on the way, so hopefully that one will be okay.

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