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Vintage Max Rebo Band Pajamas from Wilker Bros. (1983)

November 21, 2022

I don’t really update this site anymore, but today I was asked if I had a photo of Max Rebo Band pajamas, and I realized that I got mine after I stopped posting here, and there weren’t any good images on Google. So in the interest of getting these images into a Google image search, here are my Max Rebo Pajamas.

If anything these were even harder to track down than the Jabba ones. While I have unused in-package examples of the Jabba pajamas, all I have for the Rebo Band are these very well used examples. The first time I saw a set of these pajamas come up on eBay, it was back in 2011 or 2012 and I missed the buy-it-now by mere seconds. I saved the picture from the auction for reference, (see below). I was finally able to pick up a set of these many years later, and it wasn’t until I compared the stains and creased tag on mine with the original auction photo that I realized it was the same exact set that I had missed out on years before! (I also have the pictured pajama bottoms, but they don’t have any Star Wars branding or anything on them).

As you can see, they made yellow and blue versions. I’m not sure if all the yellow ones were long sleeve and the blue ones were short sleeve, but that’s how my examples are.

I’ve said this many times, but vintage kids’ clothing like this can actually be some of the hardest stuff to find since so much of it got used and then thrown out. It also tends to not be very sought-after or expensive, so people probably aren’t incentivized to look for it and put it on eBay. The two examples in my collection are the only ones I’ve seen come up for sale in any form.

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