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Vintage Jabba the Hutt Wristwatch (Square Face Version) By Bradley

August 21, 2020


I posted about Bradley’s other two varieties of Jabba the Hutt watch more than a decade ago, but at the time I didn’t realize that Bradley had created a third type of watch — this square faced one. It’s definitely more rare than the round ones because I can’t recall seeing one during my eBay searches until this one popped up, although it’s possible that I had skimmed over them thinking that they were the round version. The thought crossed my mind that it might actually be some kind of prototype, but it is listed in Gus & Duncan’s Guide, so I guess it was an actual product — just a much less common variety.


As you can see, the Jabba graphic on the square one is more of a blue color compared to the green on the other two varieties, and if you look closely at the face you’ll see that the square version is dated 1982, which is obviously not when the watch was actually released. Return of the Jedi wasn’t released until 1983, and famously was known as “Revenge of the Jedi” until fairly close to its release. In addition, Lucasfilm didn’t publicly release images of Jabba until after the film had come out since they didn’t want to spoil the surprise. I do have a licensing slick that Lucasfilm sent out to licensees to give them to artwork and colors to use for the character, and that is dated 1982, so maybe that caused some confusion?

By the way, The.French.Collection on Instagram has images of the concept artwork for these watches, including the square version (with 1982 date).

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