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Jabba the Hutt Ceramic Mug by ThinkGeek

December 26, 2017


I’ve said it before, but ThinkGeek is really killing it when it comes to Jabba-related collectibles. They released ceramic Geeki Tiki statues of Jabba and Salacious Crumb, plus a pin using the same designs, and a Jabba the Hutt snack bowl (which I forgot to add to the site until today). They also put out an emoji Jabba pin that was only available at Celebration.

Various companies have been making figural mugs of Star Wars characters since the 80s. But it’s always mystified me that there has never been a Jabba, especially since he is a major character and his tail would seem to made an obvious handle. In any case, I’m glad I finally have a Jabba mug I can display with my other Star Wars mugs. (Technically, Funko also made a POP! figure-styled Jabba mug that they included in one of their subscription boxes, but that’s a bit different.)


I like the sculpt pretty well, although I have my suspicions that it was originally sculpted to have him sticking his tongue out on the left side of his mouth (our right), but they decided not to paint it. The paint job is pretty good, too. This is available on the ThinkGeek site for $14.99.

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