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Greetings, humans. I am the great Jabba the Hutt. I have generously decided to open the doors to my vast collection to give you a glimpse of the many items made in tribute to me. You may now rejoice…

You humans have made many objects in my image. This is understandable, as I am a handsome creature, even for a hutt. I hear that you even give your children plastic statues of me, no doubt to train them to worship me and prepare them for future service of the mighty Jabba.

As I am quite busy managing my intergalactic empire of crime, and my great fingers are too large for your puny human keyboards, I have enlisted the services of a human slave to help me accumulate and catalog my collection. He goes by the rather odd name of “icruise.” He will be introducing each item to you. Now then, I must be going. I have new slave girls to audition…

I’ve liked Jabba the Hutt since first seeing Return of the Jedi as a kid, and I recently decided to start collecting Jabba-related things in earnest. Compared to some characters, the amount of merchandise is relatively manageable while leaving a lot of room for variety and quirky items. I’ll be introducing the items in my collection one by one, partially to help me catalog them and partially in the hopes that someone out there will find it interesting.

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