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Upcoming: Rancor Prop Replica from Regal Robot

September 28, 2020

rancor-puppet-prop-replica-statue-12-868x900I was pretty surprised when I found out about this product during one of Regal Robot’s livestreams. Sideshow Collectibles already has a 1/6 scale Rancor statue coming out later this year, so with the addition of this prop replica, fans of Jabba’s favorite pet certainly are spoiled for choice. 


But while Sideshow’s offering is a statue of the rancor as a “character” (meaning that it is an artist’s interpretation of what the rancor would look like if it were actually real), Regal Robot’s rancor is intended to be a replica of the actual prop used in Return of the Jedi. There have been a lot of rancor statues made over the years, but as far as I know this is the first time someone has tried to exactly replicate the puppet from the film (although they are recreating it in resin rather than trying to make it an actual puppet). It’s apparently based on a 3D scan of the surviving prop, so this is about as legit as it gets. It will also come with a plaque signed by Phil Tippet, who was one of the sculptors and puppeteers of the Rancor.


The piece will be limited to only 83 pieces (1983 being the release year of Return of the Jedi). As you might imagine, something like this doesn’t come cheap. Their asking price is $2,999. Unfortunately that puts it out of my reach, but this does look like a very impressive piece.


Preorders will start on October 5th at 12PM EST, although I’m not sure when it is actually due to ship. More info can be had on Regal Robot’s site.

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  1. September 30, 2020 9:46 am

    A great looking statue but I’m not sure if it is worth that price.

    It i win the lottery, I will buy you one, Jabba.

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