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3D Printed Baby Jabba Figure (STL from Zsculptors)

April 20, 2020


A few months ago, I posted about the Jabba’s Palace models that I got from, and printed and painted myself. At that point I noticed that they also had a baby Jabba model that looked very interesting, and while I bought it right away, I didn’t get around to actually printing and painting it until just recently. I really like the concept: Jabba as a baby in a baby buggy modeled after the sail barge. He even has a baby bottle that looks like his hookah pipe!


I printed most of the pieces (the ones in red) on my resin-based printer because it seemed like thin, delicate pieces like the sails and railing would work better that way. I used a traditional FDM printer for the buggy and stand, since they were not very detailed and would have been too big for the resin printer anyway.


I just painted it with some cheap acrylic paints, but I think it came out pretty well overall. Getting baby Jabba’s eyes to look right was challenging.

It seems like the Jabba model was heavily influenced by Saby Manyhei’s “Baby Jabba” artwork, although that didn’t include the baby buggy part. I’d also like to see a 3D model based on Leonardo Viti’s Baby Jabba artwork, but the closest I’ve seen is this one on Cults3d, which doesn’t quite do it for me.


I also made a YouTube video about this project, which you can see below.

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