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Link: Custom Bib Fortuna Life-Size Bust by Regal Robot (Based on Ralph McQuarrie Concept Artwork)

March 2, 2020

Tom Spina from Regal Robot just told me about a custom project that they worked on recently that might be of interest to Jabba fans. There were a number of different concepts created for the character of Bib Fortuna before they settled on the one we know and love, including the one below by Ralph McQuarrie. To tell you the truth, I don’t think I had ever even seen this drawing before, but it does remind me of a lot of the alien species we saw on the sail barge in particular. It’s kind of interesting how his collar kind of evokes the head tentacles we got in the final design.

Anyway, someone apparently liked the concept drawing well enough to commission a life-size bust of it, which is pretty awesome. Regal Robot is in the unique position of being able to make custom pieces of artwork and furniture that are actually officially licensed by Lucasfilm, which I find fascinating. From what Tom has told me, Lucasfilm is in fact involved in the process and will provide feedback and so forth about the direction to take. I’m sure it’s not cheap, but it would be a very cool experience for a diehard Star Wars collector (not that I know any of those…)

They apparently had an artist work up some more drawings based on the original sketch, showing how he might look from different angles and with some other accessories.

Then they sculpted and painted the piece and cast it in a translucent flesh-toned resin (which really helps improve the sense of realism).

Finally, it was painted and finishing touches like the flocked hat and pedestal were added.

Below you can see it in the client’s home, next to a bust of Chewbacca. Very impressive stuff.

Check out the Custom Busts and Statues page on Regal Robot’s site for more information about this project and others.

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