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Jabba the Nugg & Chunk Solo Custom Toys by Simian Cheese

March 20, 2020


Joe from Simian Cheese makes custom toys inspired by vintage toys and pop culture.  Someone tipped me off that he was considering making something inspired by Jabba, and when I got in touch with him, he kindly offered to send one as a donation to my collection. In case you can’t tell, Jabba the Nugg is Jabba reimagined as a chicken nugget. The same is also true of Han in Carbonite, although he’s more of a cartoony version similar to the McNuggets that were featured in McDonalds commercials in the 80s.


You can see the packaging above, although I’m not totally sure this is what you would receive when and if Joe decides to sell these. I like the combination of Jabba’s tattoo symbol with the McDonalds logo.


The figures themselves appear to be cast in hard resin. Jabba seems like he might just be cast in this color, but Han appears to be painted. I first thought that the Jabba sculpt was based on the Jabba Glob or Ultra Jabba figure (both of which use essentially the same sculpt). But it’s actually based on the figure from Disney’s ROTJ Figurine Playset that originally came out in 2014 and has been repackaged a few times since. That makes a lot of sense, since if I had thought about it, it would have been obvious that the scale is wrong for it to have been based on a direct casting of a regular action figure.


Joe has reworked the back of the figure completely, even adding a little Jabba derrière. Yes, you are looking at the butt of Jabba the Hutt in the form of a chicken nugget.


I assume that Han has been sculpted from scratch. These are extremely silly toys and I love them. Some might say that with all that’s going on the world today we should not be focusing on frivolous things like this, but I think this is when we need them the most. If you’re interested getting one of these, thing about going to Joe’s website or Instagram and letting him know.

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