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More Vintage Hand-Painted Ceramic Jabba Figures

March 7, 2020


I’ve posted about these vintage “paint your own pottery” ceramic figures a number of times since I found my first one about 10 years ago. I found another (considerably more disturbing) one not long after that, and even managed to track down one of the original molds that they were made from. I even 3D scanned one of the figures, allowing me to turn it into a 3D-printed piggy bank, Christmas lights, and some giant Jabba sculptures. But it took me a while to find any more of these figures.

I actually found the one above in 2016, but I can’t seem to find any record of having posted about it on my website or instagram, so I went ahead and took some new photos of it. Unlike the two earlier ones I had, it looks like this one has been painted rather than glazed, so it doesn’t have the hard shiny coating on it. It’s also got a crack in it and is missing the Christmas lights that were probably originally installed (you can still see remnants of them on his tail). The most distinctive characteristic is probably the glass googly eyes that they used. I’ll have to give them points for creativity, since they painted them red on the back to match Jabba’s eye color.


On the bottom, it reads “To Rich From Mom.” I’m not sure if the mother was the one who decorated it, but that seems likely.

Below you can see the one I got just recently, which is similar in a number of ways to the one above.


This one was also just painted and not glazed and fired, but I would say this one has had the most care put into its decoration. They actually did quite a good job, even if it does look a little like he’s wearing lipstick.

On the bottom it says “Bradley April 1985” and “Love Mom.” So again, I’m guessing that the mother was the one who decorated this for her son, which is pretty sweet. It’s also nice to have a conclusive date for one of these.


Below you can seen all 4 of my ceramic figures, as well as a 3D printed version. I’m finally starting to put together a little collection of these guys, and it only took 10 years!


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