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Hasbro Jabba Glob First Shot Prototype Figure

October 1, 2018


I’ve been trying to collect things related to the production of Jabba the Hutt action figures for a long time, but they are not easy to find. They are pretty limited in terms of the numbers that were made, and they tend to get locked up in people’s collections. Still, I have managed to pick up a few things over the years, including a couple just in the last several months. The first of these is this first shot prototype for the Hasbro Jabba Glob figure.


Since I have the metal rotocast molds that were used for the tail and head of the Jabba Glob figure, it’s nice to finally get one of these to pair with it. Unlike some prototypes, like my POTF2 Jabba prototype (which is all black), this one uses what appears to be the same materials as the production figure. In fact, the only thing to distinguish this from a production figure with the paint removed is the fact that the mouth on the prototype has not been cut open. In fact, I don’t really have any proof that this was used as an actual production prototype, instead of being just an extra that some guys at the factory made to sell, but I think that’s pretty typical for these kinds of things.jabba_glob_proto3

One reason I like these unpainted prototypes is that you can really get a good look at the sculpt, and think this one looks a lot better without the production paint on it. I’ve always thought the color scheme they chose was oddly pale. Stay tuned for a post about my second prototype pickup soon.

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