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Black Prototype for the Power of the Force 2 Jabba the Hutt Figure

May 21, 2016


I’ve wanted one of these black prototypes ever since I first saw one a few years ago. While I don’t like the POTF2 Jabba figure very much, he does look sort of cool all in black.


In addition to the difference in the color of the plastic (and the fact that it’s unpainted) the prototype also lacks the pupils behind the transparent eyes, and has a different construction on its bottom. Below is the production figure. Note the ridges that go around the bottom and down the center.


And here is the bottom of the prototype. It’s completely flat, without these ridges. I’m convinced they added these for reinforcement.


The prototype is also missing this ridge sticking up on the middle tail section:


As you can see here, it’s flat like the rest of the tail:


When I received the prototype, this middle section had gotten pushed into the body of the figure because all that is holding it in is a little nub. I was able to pull it out with a little work, but that problem can’t happen with the production figure because of the ridge they added.

Han is also in black, and I didn’t notice any other major differences with the production version of the figure.


I also made a short YouTube video about this prototype:

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