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Original Rotocast Head Mold for Hasbro Jabba Glob Figure

July 5, 2013


I’ve been searching eBay for Jabba-related items for several years now, and it can get a little old seeing the same things over and over. But every once in a while something like this pops up to make it all worthwhile. This is one of the molds that would have been used to make the Jabba Glob figure. Many molds come in two parts — you put them together and pour in the plastic (or whatever) and then open the mold up after it is cool, giving you a three-dimensional object with seams where the two parts of the mold came together. This type of mold is completely different, however.


With a rotocast mold, you start with a sculpt in wax that is put in a bath of liquid with some metal particles. Somehow the particles are encouraged to stick to the wax sculpt and over a period of several days this forms a thick metal shell over it. Once it reaches the desired thickness, the metal is heated up to allow the wax inside to flow out, leaving a nice metal mold behind.


To use the mold, a small amount of liquid rubber is poured inside. The stopper is put in place and then the mold is spun around to allow the rubber to cling to all of the inner surfaces of the mold. After this, it’s apparently heated to cause the rubber to harden, after which a vacuum is used to suck the piece out of the mold. This produces a soft, hollow piece of rubber that is free of any mold lines. I imagine it would look something like the photo below at this point (but of course it would be unpainted, unlike this example).


I find this kind of mold fascinating for several reasons. It’s cool to have something that was actually used to make the toys (even though the Jabba Glob is far from my favorite Jabba action figure). It’s also pretty rare. I have heard from one other person who has a mold like this, so there were definitely a number of them made, but it’s still only one of a handful in existence.


It also looks pretty cool by itself. I really like how the process used for creating the mold leaves details on the outside as well as the inside. It could almost pass for a metal sculpture of Jabba. I’m very happy to have this piece in my collection, and I hope to be able to track down similar pieces for other figures as well.

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  1. WampaVsRancor permalink
    July 5, 2013 5:37 pm

    Very cool. Pre-production stuff is fascinating. Someday I’d really like to get my hands on a printers proof for some kind of packaging for a figure, vehicle or playset. I’m a printer professionally, so it would be extra cool to have something like that.

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