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Hasbro Ultra Jabba First Shot Prototype

October 3, 2018


I posted about my Jabba Glob prototype a couple of days ago, but this one is a bit more interesting — at least to me. This is a prototype for Hasbro’s Ultra Jabba figure (looking back at this post from 2009 reminds me that I really need to update it and take some better photos). While the Jabba Glob prototype was not very different from the production figure without the paint, this one is visually distinct in a number of ways. Obviously, it is unpainted, but the color of the plastic is also different. It is a lighter green, while the production feature is a noticeably darker green.


It also came with an unpainted version of his hookah pipe and railing, as well as his removable tongue and froggy snack.


The hookah pipe was cast in clear plastic, which would have been selectively painted gold on the production version, to make it look like there was a glass globe in it.


Obviously this figure and the Jabba Glob figure share a lot — they actually use the same exact tail mold, and the rest of the Ultra Jabba is really just a retooled version of Jabba Glob. While the production version of the Ultra Jabba figure is clearly the better of the two, I’m a little undecided about whether this face sculpt is actually better than the one on the Jabba Glob figure. I don’t really like the way his tongue sticks out, and while it is removable, it leaves an odd drooling hole that just looks weird. Aside from that, though, the sculpting on this figure is great.


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