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Custom Burgundy Cape Bib Fortuna Statue (Gentle Giant)

October 5, 2013

Lili Ledy, the Mexican manufacturer of vintage Star Wars figures, had a number of variations in their figures. One of the most well known is the burgundy-caped Bib Fortuna figure. Unfortunately there are a lot more fakes than genuine examples of this figure. That (and the expense) has put me off of buying one for myself. But I decided to make a little tribute to the Lili Ledy figure using a Gentle Giant Bib Fortuna Statue.


These statues were originally offered as a mailaway promotion for people who bought both the Jabba the Hutt and Max Rebo Band statues. That’s how I got my first one. But when I preordered my Ree-Yees mini-bust from last year, they were running a promotion where everyone who made a Gentle Giant preorder would get a free Bib Fortuna statue.  So I got an extra Bib when Ree-Yees shipped. Apparently Gentle Giant made way too many of them, since I got the impression from the Redford Films customer service people that they have stacks of Bib Fortuna statues in their warehouse — most likely bought in bulk from Gentle Giant. You can still order them for $14.99 if you so desire.


I think it looks rather nice. It may actually be better than the actual color scheme, which you can see below. I only painted the cape and left the rest of the statue untouched. The statue came with a nice black base with magnets in it, which you could use to display the statue on its own. I don’t think very many people did that since the Bib Fortuna statue was ultimately just an accessory for the Jabba statue, but now I can actually use the base.

I take most of my pictures outside because the light is better, and this time just as I finished, a  gust of wind came up and slammed my backdrop down on both of these figures, breaking off two fingers of each! Worse, one of the red caped one’s fingers was completely lost somehow. I was not too happy about that, but I can fix it. I’ve already resculpted the finger and will repaint that part later. At least it wasn’t an expensive statue…


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