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Gentle Giant Jabba the Hutt Statue

September 16, 2009

This is the Gentle Giant Jabba the Hutt statue. It’s quite large, although it’s dwarfed by the Sideshow Jabba. The sculpt on Jabba isn’t bad, but something about it does seem a little off compared to the Sideshow piece. Maybe it’s the paint (although they did get closer to the actual color). The other parts of the piece are great, as is the throne itself. Salacious Crumb actually comes with the Rebo Band statue (stay tuned for that) and the Bib Fortuna was a freebie that Gentle Giant offered if you bought both Jabba and the band.

Despite Jabba’s slightly odd look, I love the statue overall and in terms of price and size I actually prefer it to the Sideshow piece. If you’re not a big-time collector of 1/6 scale figures (or a big-time Jabba fan), this is probably the piece I would recommend if you want a “Jabba on throne” statue.

They released a Slave Leia accessory set that comes with Leia, some new arms and a chain, and the top of his water pipe, and I expect that to arrive soon. I’ll post about it when it does.

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