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Ree-Yees Mini-Bust By Gentle Giant

September 24, 2013


It’s been over a year since we first saw the concept art for this bust, and now it’s finally starting to ship. It’s mostly because Kenner decided to make a figure of him, but Ree-Yees is another character that seems familiar to Star Wars fans, even though we don’t really have a good idea of who he was.


Wookieepedia has the full story, and it’s actually fairly interesting. Apparently the name Ree-Yees is a play on the phrase “three eyes” — you learn something new every day.


I think the bust came out quite well. It’s a “deluxe” mini-bust with a switch-out arm. You can either have him empty-handed, enjoying his glass of blue milk, or have him holding a blaster. The blaster looks a little out of place in my opinion, so I think I’m going to go with the empty hand.


Now the only Jabba-related bust that is still on its way from Gentle Giant is Max Rebo. They’ve got such a good selection of Jabba’s Palace characters now that I wish they’d do a Bib Fortuna and (dare I dream?) a Jabba. Yes, Jabba might look a little odd as a bust, but not any odder than an ewok, for example.

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