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Star Wars Tattoo Ink Bonded Leather Belt by Sunway Design & Manufacturing Co., Inc.

October 4, 2013


I actually saw this belt “in the wild” a couple of years ago (and on a female, if you can believe it), but at the time I didn’t notice that Jabba was on it. If I had to guess, I would say it was sold at Hot Topic stores, although you can still get these new from various places online.


I have a couple of different children’s belts. One belt has a killer brass buckle with a Jabba design, another is an elastic belt with a round Jabba buckle, and yet another one is a colorful Return of the Jedi belt. But this is the first belt for “grownups” that I’ve seen with Jabba on it. It’s not that hard to find just about any product with Vader or R2 on it, but Jabba is used more sparingly by most companies. I guess that’s part of the fun in collecting him, though.


In addition to Jabba, there’s also a rancor, which is another character that’s on the rare side merchandise-wise.


On the back is a giant “STAR WARS” logo.


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