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Jabba the Hutt Pin (Star Wars Visions Osaka 2016 Exclusive)

August 11, 2016


There have been several Star Wars exhibitions this year. I posted earlier about a Jabba mug that I got (indirectly) from the one in Yokohama, and this one is from an exhibition currently being held in Osaka. They have a number of exclusive products that are only available at the show, but this was part of the collection of pins that you can see below. They were available in separate boxes (for 810 yen apiece, or around $8), or as one boxed set (for 8100 yen, or around $80).


The boxes are very nice and remind me of large matchboxes. They slide open to reveal the metal pin inside.


The Jabba one is based on some artwork from a vintage coloring book.


In fact, I tried coloring this very page myself a few years ago:


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