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Fire-King Jabba the Hutt Mug (Star Wars Visions SOGO Yokohama Exclusive)

January 29, 2016


This mug was only available at the “Star Wars Visions” exhibition that was held at the SOGO Department store in Yokohama Japan in November and December of 2015. The exhibition had  some original props and other items on display, although my hunch is that it was pretty small in scale. They also had a “pop-up shop” that accompanied the exhibition, which had a fair amount of Star Wars merchandise, some of which — like this mug — could only be purchased there. They even had a little cafe where you could get Star Wars-themed smoothies, including a “Jabba Jabba Sweet Potato Smoothie” that I wish I could’ve tried.


The mug uses the Fire-King brand, which was made in the US many years ago, but was discontinued in 1976. However, it has remained popular since then and in 2011 the brand was resurrected in Japan, where you can now buy stacking mugs like these in a variety of designs. The artwork they used is the usual artwork that appears on so many vintage Jabba products, which seems appropriate for a retro-styled item like this.


I lived in Yokohama for a year and love the city, so when I found out about this mug I knew I had to have it, even though I knew I couldn’t attend the actual exhibition. These are not cheap, though. Plain Fire-King mugs go for almost $30, and the asking price for the Star Wars ones was 5,000 yen at the exhibition, or around $42. And of course I had to pay more than that to get it from a reseller, so this was one expensive mug! Needless to say, I won’t actually be using it.


Here’s a video that The Japan Times posted about the exhibition.

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