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Jabba the Hutt & Slave Leia Itty Bitty Plushes by Hallmark (SDCC 2016 Exclusive)

August 10, 2016


I have quite a number of Itty Bitty plushes, mostly because my wife likes to shop at the Hallmark store, and these make it easy for her to get me a Star Wars-related gift for holidays like Father’s Day. I’m actually not a huge fan of their esthetic — the human characters in particular are a bit too simplified for my tastes — but I do like that they have a wide variety of characters, and my daughter has quite a few of the Disney princesses, so this allows us to include Star Wars characters in her play time.

I’ve been waiting a long time for them to release a Jabba. I was excited when I heard that they would be releasing a set of Jabba and Slave Leia, but wasn’t thrilled that it was going to be an SDCC exclusive. You know what that means — expensive. If you ever have to get a con exclusive like this, take my advice and be patient. Unless it’s super limited, there will always be enough supply on eBay for weeks after the convention. There’s no need to preorder at exorbitant prices way before the con even starts. I still ended up overpaying because I jumped in too soon, but it could’ve been worse. I don’t know for sure what these went for at the show, but normal Itty Bitty plushes cost $6.99 apiece. As of this writing, you can probably get them for around $45-$50.

As for the plushes themselves, they’re actually really well done. There’s a lot of detail compared to many of the other characters in the line. They’re easily my favorites, and it’s not just because it’s Jabba & Leia (really!).

The only other ones in the line that might be considered Jabba-related are the Boba Fett and Han in Carbonite set, which were SDCC exclusives last year. Here they are together:


And here’s a video I made about the set:

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