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SDCC-Exclusive Black Series Jabba’s Rancor Pit Set Now Available on

July 9, 2015


The SDCC-exclusive set of 3.75″ figures that I mentioned late last month is now finally available for purchase on the Toys R Us site, although you have to use this link — it won’t show up in a search. It’s apparently available for shipping in 1-2 business days, so we should have them fairly soon. I’ve seen people on eBay trying to sell these for outrageous amounts of money, but not only is it available now online, it should also be available at TRU stores later on. So there’s really no reason to spend more than retail on this. I’d kind of like to have one to keep in the box and one to open for the new Jabba figure, but at this price I think one is my limit. Hopefully I will be able to just pick up the Jabba later on.

[EDIT: This appears to have sold out, although sometimes these things come back in stock over time. The original press release said that they would be available through the 12th online, so it’s possible that they have held some stock back for later.]

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