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Jabba the Hutt Bottle Cap Magnet by Neutral Corporation

July 7, 2015


Star Wars Visions” was an exhibition of Star Wars-related art and props in Roppongi, Tokyo from  April 29 to June 28. In addition to the exhibition itself, you could also buy a variety of show exclusives, or “original goods” as they like to call them. I was in Japan during that time, but I wasn’t anywhere near Tokyo and couldn’t attend. But I was still able to pick this up on Yahoo Auctions.


I imagine this was inspired by the Coca Cola bottle caps that were released in Japan in the late 70s. While those caps had the characters on the underside of the cap, the idea is very similar. At around an inch in diameter, this magnet is actually somewhat larger than a real soda bottle cap would be. On the bottom is a chunky and relatively strong magnet.


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