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Upcoming: SDCC-Exclusive Black Series “Jabba’s Rancor Pit Set” (3.75″ Figure Set)

June 25, 2015


There have been rumblings for some time about a Black Series Rancor set, but since a Rancor in the 6″ scale would be huge, I imagined that it would be a repack of the previously release figure, along with some other figures. Today we learned that the set does indeed exist, and that it will be an SDCC exclusive retailing for $130. It comes with the Jabba’s Rancor toy (previously released as a Target exclusive), a Slave Leia (apparently the Legacy Collection one, but without the sitting legs), and a Gamorrean Guard (apparently identical to the Vintage Collection one). There’s also a Jedi Luke and a C-3PO, although I’m not positive if these are identical to previous releases or not (the c-3PO certainly looks very familiar, but I’m not sure about the Luke).


I was right about it being for the smaller figures, but the one surprise is that they are apparently releasing a shrunken-down version of the 6″ scale Black Series Jabba to fit with the traditional 3.75″ figures. It looks to be more or less identical, although my hunch is that it may not have the opening mouth feature of the larger figure. I’m curious whether they will be releasing this Jabba separately. I guess one benefit of designing figures completely digitally is that you can scale them down easily.

In addition to being available at SDCC, these will apparently go on sale at on July 9th, so that would seem like the best bet if you want one of these. $130 seems on the pricey side, although the Jabba’s Rancor figure does have a fairly high value on the secondary market, and of course you’re getting a brand new Jabba as well. That alone is enough to convince me to bite. I just hope I can get it for retail and won’t have to resort to eBay.

[Hat tip to Jedi News.]

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