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More Jabba the Hutt Jack O’ Lanterns! (2014 Edition)

October 30, 2014


I mentioned in my previous post about carving a “Funkin” artificial pumpkin that I would try to carve a real pumpkin this year, and thanks to a brief lull in my work schedule, I was able to do two of them. The one above is based more on the Clone Wars version of Jabba than my previous ones, although I’m not sure you can quite tell that.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, I use a 3D sculpting technique that people like Ray Villafane have pioneered. You use tools that are normally used for sculpting clay to scrap off the outer layer of rind and then “sculpt” the inner parts. It can be pretty difficult and time-consuming, but I find it rewarding, and it’s becoming a kind of annual tradition. Of course I’m nowhere near Ray’s level — my sculpting skills are still pretty basic. Still, each one is a learning experience.


After doing the first one, it occurred to me that I’ve never tried to do a full-body Jabba on a pumpkin, so I did this one of him on his throne. It’s loosely based on the vintage Sigma Jabba the Hutt bank.

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