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My “Very Jabba Birthday” (Jabba Cake, Cookie and Pizza with bonus Han in Carbonite Punch!)

February 3, 2014

Image credit: BobbyBobby85

So I turned 39 a few days ago, and I’m starting to officially feel a little old. But I’m certainly doing my best to remain young at heart. One way to do this, I’ve found, is to have a themed birthday party. Ever since we started doing them for my son, I’ve realized that there’s no reason why an adult can’t have one. We didn’t go all-out this year, but I thought it might be nice to make some food in the shape of my favorite Star Wars character: Wilrow Hood! Just kidding, of course it’s Jabba!

I suppose you could say that things started the day before, when I was playing with my two-year-old daughter. We were making shapes out of my son’s Jenga Tetris blocks, when she asked (I swear!) for me to make a Jabba. I think it’s surprisingly recognizable, given the limited shapes and colors we had at our disposal.


On the day of the party, my sister helped me make a Jabba cake. Longtime readers of the site may recall that I had a Jabba cake four years ago, which was made by a friend of the family who is an expert in using fondant. Since we thought it would be pretty hard to compete directly with that, I decided to go for a more simplified look. My sister was to handle the actual baking and much of the frosting, while I would take care of the design and cutting of the cake, and some of the detail work. I did a sketch for us to work from, loosely based on a sketch from Katie Cook that I got a while ago.


The actual cake turned out pretty similar, in the end. It’s a combination of one rectangular sheet cake and two round cakes, all cut up to get the appropriate shapes. The frosting makes it look like it’s all one piece. The gargoyles on his throne are just circles of cake I punched out.


The icing was peppermint buttercream, and the cake itself was Devil’s Food. It was delicious!

But I wasn’t satisfied with just a cake. We had some leftover sugar cookie dough, so while the cake was baking I decided to try my hand at making a Jabba cookie. I think it turned out pretty well.


For the main course, I decided it would be fun for us to make homemade pizzas, and of course I couldn’t resist making mine a little more “interesting.” Luckily, most of my family likes olives.


Of course, you need some liquid refreshment, so I decided to finally get some use out of the Kotobukiya Han Solo in Carbonite DX ice tray that I got a while back, and make some punch. The mold is around 12 inches tall, or roughly 1/6 scale. The idea was to fill the mold with grape juice and then float it in the punch like an ice ring. The punch bowl ended up being too small for this to work quite the way I had envisioned it, and it turns out that grape juice doesn’t hold detail as well as ice, so a lot of the fine details were lost. Still, it was recognizable.


After a while, when the grape juice had melted a bit, we were able to scrape some of it off into the punch, making it a very nice slushy texture.


Most of my gifts didn’t have anything to do with Jabba, as there’s really nothing Jabba-related that I don’t already have, aside from some very obscure and difficult to get items. But I did get a hand-embroidered Jabba handkerchief from my sister.


Plus, my son made this card for me:


All in all, it was a great (if a bit tiring) birthday.

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  1. Bounty Hunter permalink
    February 4, 2014 8:26 pm

    A great and good culinary work.
    The most beautiful thing is to see how your loved ones understand and support your passion for “the best known crime lord in the galaxy.”
    Take this opportunity to congratulate for your birthday.
    Nice job Jabba maniac!!! 🙂

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