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News: “Carbonite Pack” for Angry Birds Star Wars II Now Available (With Jabba the Hutt & Han in Carbonite)

February 6, 2014


I posted about the Telepods figures for the characters included in this update a few days ago, and now they are finally usable in the game. When you download the update from your app store of choice, you’ll be given a few “free” uses of the characters, and you can buy more using the app’s in-game currency. Or if you have telepods figures like I do, you can use them as much as you want (although only once per level). There don’t seem to be any additional levels aside from the Reward Levels (see below), so there aren’t any levels where these characters appear normally. That means the only time you can use them is by replacing a bird or pig that would normally appear in a level.


I mentioned  earlier being curious what Jabba and Han in Carbonite’s powers would be. It turns out that Jabba basically just uses his incredible bulk to bash things, similar to the “Big Brother Bird” that is found in some other Angry Birds titles. Not super exciting, but I did find him to be fairly powerful. He sticks out his tongue while he’s flying.


As for Han in Carbonite, he freezes things, similar to the Ice Bird that has appeared in other titles. I’m not sure how useful he’ll be, but we’ll see. All of the new characters do have new Reward Levels that are unlocked by obtaining a certain number of points using that character. For Jabba it was 300,000. That turned out to be surprisingly easy to do — I unlocked his level in 5 or 10 minutes without really even trying. There’s nothing particularly Jabba-like about the level, though. It’s set on Naboo underwater, as I guess they all are. I didn’t have too much trouble getting three stars on it — the trick is to go underneath it all and into the cavern on the right, where you will hit the TNT box and set off a chain reaction that should hopefully get everything in one go.


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