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“Uaahhh” (Vintage Rancor Monster Ad from Dutch Magazine)

January 8, 2014

uaahhh_rancor_adThis ad was in a series of ads for vintage Star Wars figures that had interesting onomatopoetic titles like “Uaahhh.” I’ve been wanting to get the Jabba the Hutt version for some time, but they don’t crop up all that often. I do have one Dutch ad in a different style, however.

I literally only know one word of Dutch (“bloemon” — “flowers” — and that’s because of a “Friends” episode) but if Google Translate hasn’t steered me wrong, the ad seems to be encouraging the reader to fill out a contest form to win one of 50 rancor toys that they were giving away. On the entry blank, you had to select which figure the rancor had in its claws on the toy’s package (the choices are Chewbacca, Gamorrean Guard or Nien Nunb). Considering that they have him holding the Gamorrean in the picture above as well, I wouldn’t think it would be all that difficult to figure out. You were also asked to finish a sentence about how much you loved Star Wars (or something to that effect).

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