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Watercolor Painting of Vintage Kenner Jabba the Hutt Action Playset Box by Alastair Eales

January 9, 2014


I posted about the watercolor painting Alastair Eales did for me of the vintage Jabba the Hutt toy a while back. I liked it a lot, so when I saw that he was also doing watercolor versions of vintage Star Wars figures’ cardbacks, I decided I just had to have him do one of the vintage Jabba the Hutt Action Playset’s box. I had him do it roughly the same size as the actual box, so the painting itself is about 13.5″ by 8″. He did a fantastic job, with lots of detail for Jabba in particular. You may notice that the Jabba here looks more green than the one in his other piece, and this is because the photo on the actual box shows a more greenish Jabba. Check out his website here.


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