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Link: Think Geek Adds Jabba’s Palace-Themed “Star Wars Family” Car Decals

March 20, 2013


Think Geek has had some Star Wars-themed vinyl car decals available for a while. They’re basically a parody of those stickers everybody seems to have representing each member of their family. But this time they’ve added a lot of new characters in the form of their Scum and Villainy Booster Pack, including Jabba and Salacious Crumb, Oola, Boushh, the Rancor, Bib Fortuna, and Gamorrean Guard. There was already a Slave Leia in the first pack, so if you get them both you’ll have a very respectable Jabba’s palace setup. They’re $14.99 apiece, but you get two of each character, so that doesn’t seem too bad. [EDIT: While the graphic above and the email I originally received from Think Geek about this set indicated that you got two of each character, in reality you only get one. They have updated their site to remove the “x2” indicators beneath the characters, but I think they could make it clearer that you only get one of each, since the original pack has two of each character.]

I’ll definitely be getting both packs, although I think I’ll wait for one of their frequent sales. I’m just not sure I can fit everything on our car’s rear window… [EDIT: Here is the post about the sets after I received them.]

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