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Star Wars POGs with Jabba the Hutt Package by Canada Games

March 21, 2013


I talked a bit about POGs when I posted about the Jabba the Hutt slammers I got back in 2010, so I’d check that post out for a little background if you’re not familiar with the concept. This is an unopened package of POGs bearing the image of a certain handsome Hutt, as well as Han in Carbonite in the background. It apparently contains 7 POGs and 1 slammer, but I don’t intend to open it, so all I know for sure is that it’s got a Boba Fett POG showing. I don’t know if the POGs and slammers were randomly inserted in these packages or not. If they were (and one would think they would be, given their collectible nature), it’s a nice coincidence to get Boba Fett here.

I was certain that I had some loose POGs in my collection, but the only ones I can find are actually Tazos. I’m going to have to get some POGs as well.

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