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Celebration VI Exclusive Pins and Magnets with Return of the Jedi Art from Vintage Cheinco Tins

September 8, 2012

I’ve posted about several of the vintage tin products put out by Cheinco in the past, including the Jabba and Rebo Band tins, the Return of the Jedi tin box with handles, and the Return of the Jedi tin tray. They made quite a number of them, so even if you narrow it down to just the Jabba-related ones, there are still a couple that I don’t have. I like them a lot. They’re sturdy (unlike some of the modern tins that I’ve bought) and generally not very expensive, so I was excited to see that they were going to be releasing products at Celebration VI using Mark Mancini’s original art.

The buttons above have the art that was used on the lids for Cheinco’s various tins, which works well since they were circular to begin with. I’m a little disappointed with how small they are (only 1″ in diameter), which makes it a little tough to see the artwork. But the smaller buttons might be better if you’re actually going to wear them. They’d look good on a convention lanyard in particular, which may be what they had in mind.

They also released these two magnets using Mancini’s art. They’re about 3.5″ wide. With these and the magnet that used the art from the vintage Kenner ROTJ action figure case, it’s nice to see some vintage art being used in new ways.

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