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Vintage Return of the Jedi Tin with Handles by Cheinco

July 5, 2011

Here’s yet another item from Chein Industries (aka Cheinco). They put out an entire line of metal items using variations on the same artwork, rearranged in various ways (see below). I have the Jabba and Rebo Band tins, as well as the tray. I still need to get the waste paper basket. Every time one has come up on ebay, they always seem to be damaged and/or too expensive.

Mark Mancini, the artist who did the original art for these, contacted me a while ago and we exchanged a few emails. According to him, the art was 50″ wide or more, and was done to fit the wastebasket first, with some additional characters painted in the margins. The characters were rearranged from there to fit on the various products.

On this tin, Jabba’s sail barge is in the center on both sides, with Jabba and Oola to the right. The Max Rebo Band is on one side of the tin, and an X-wing and Tie Fighter are on the other.

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