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Update: Gentle Giant PGM Exclusive Jumbo Gamorrean Guard Changed to POTF Version

August 30, 2012

As I mentioned some time ago, Gentle Giant is coming out with a Gamorrean Guard in its line of jumbo vintage figures. It was announced as a PGM exclusive, so it would only be available to members of their Premier Guild (which costs around $70 a year). Yesterday, Gentle Giant announced that they were changing the figure from the normal Return of the Jedi version to the Power of the Force version, complete with a 3″ coin. The regular Return of the Jedi version is now going to see regular release, so it will be available at normal retailers.

The POTF Gamorrean is a relatively rare and valuable figure, so in some sense this is cool. But I’m a little annoyed by the way they handled this. I joined the Premier Guild specifically for the Gamorrean figure, since I knew it wouldn’t be available anywhere else. Now that’s no longer the case. I suppose I’ll end up getting both, but it would’ve been nice to know about this before I joined.

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