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Upcoming: Jabba-Related Items From Disney

August 30, 2012

One announcement at Celebration VI that I had missed was from Disney. They announced a line of Star Wars/Cars mashup vehicles, which should be interesting, although there is no Jabba as of yet. They also announced several Jabba-related items that I will talk about below. All of these photos are taken from Inside The Magic.

Disney’s Vinylmation line consists of Mickey Mouse-shaped vinyl figures painted to resemble various characters. I’m pretty excited to see that they’re adding a Jabba and Salacious Crumb. The Jabba will be a jumbo 9″ figure, which the Salacious will be 1.5″ tall. I quite like how they creatively used the feet and ears on the figure to depict the throne and the archway behind Jabba, since it would be hard to get them to fit in as part of Jabba’s body.

I’ve been watching Disney’s line of figures depicting Disney characters as Star Wars characters to see if they’d ever add a Jabba. No luck on that front so far (not sure which Disney character would be appropriate to play Jabba, either). But they are at least going to make a Sarlacc Attack boxed set.

They also announced a “Hot Potato” game using a thermal detonator, which looks interesting.

Finally, and perhaps most intriguing of all, is this latex Salacious Crumb figure. I know they made a latex Yoda figure that was around 18″ tall and cost about $40. Someone who saw the actual Salacious at Celebration said he thought it was more like 13″ tall, but that’s probably sitting down. In any case, I’ll definitely have to keep an eye out for this one. It sounds like it will be posable, which should open up possibilities for costumes, jokes, etc. Here’s a shot of it that Shropt from the Sideshow Freaks board posted. I’d say the likeness looks a little bit off, but it might just be the paint.

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