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Upcoming: Jumbo Vintage Gamorrean Guard Figure by Gentle Giant

March 2, 2012

Gentle Giant has made some waves in the past couple of years with their line of “jumbo” vintage Kenner figures. These are essentially the same as the original Kenner Star Wars figures in their design, but blown up to 12″ tall rather than the original 3 3/4″. I bought a couple of them when the first came out, but at $70-$80 apiece, I decided that they weren’t really worth the money to me, so I sold them.

However, I was very interested to see that they were releasing a Gamorrean Guard figure. They’ve mostly been focusing on figures from A New Hope, so it’s nice to see something from Return of the Jedi, and the Gamorrean is one of my favorite figures. It’s a PGM (Premier Guild Member) exclusive, which means that it’s only available to members of Gentle Giant’s collecting club, which costs $70 a year. But on the bright side, you do get your choice of one exclusive product for free with your membership, so you can think of the figure as costing $70. It’s scheduled to ship this November, although delays are fairly common with Gentle Giant.

You can’t really tell how big the figure is from the picture above, but I would imagine that the vintage Kenner Gamorrean Guard would come to around the bottom of his crotch in height. And of course it will also come on with a jumbo version of the original card that the figure was sold on, making the entire package quite large. I don’t know if they will be making more figures from Jabba’s Palace, but I did join the PGM to get this. I would LOVE to see a Jumbo version of the vintage Jabba the Hutt figure, but I don’t know if that is too likely.

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