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Sideshow Jabba the Hutt and Throne (Original)

September 15, 2009


A lot of people probably thought that we’d never see a Jabba in 1/6 scale, and I have to give a lot of credit to Sideshow Collectibles for pulling it off. The sculpt on this Jabba is impeccable. Seriously, it’s the best one I’ve seen, period. The paint on the other hand isn’t quite as good. It’s technically well done (with the exception of the eyes, which don’t look much like the the movie Jabba’s) but I think the color scheme is much too green. In Return of the Jedi, Jabba’s primary color was really orange, with green accents. But most Jabba merchandise seems to make him tan and green, or sometimes entirely green. (I repainted Jabba and use that version with my display.)


In the picture below, you can see the stock Sideshow Jabba and throne. These were sold separately for about $120 and $200 respectively. You can also see all of the other parts of the Sideshow Jabba throne room setup. From left to right, roughly: the Bubo Creature Pack, Leia as Boushh Figure, Han Solo in Carbonite, Boba Fett Figure, Gartogg the Gamorrean Guard Figure, Hasbro Jawa and C-3PO figures, custom Gentle Giant Slave Leia statue, Bib Fortuna Figure, Salacious Crumb Creature Pack, scratch-built Gonk Droid, regular Gamorrean Guard figure, Jabba’s Palace Archway Environment, Jedi Luke Figure, and Hasbro Drink-Serving R2-D2 figure. (Items that aren’t linked are ones that I haven’t written about for the site yet.)


This is a very impressive setup that is only rivaled by the Attakus Jabba setup in terms of size. However, that’s also part of the problem. It’s difficult to find a place to display it properly.

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