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Sideshow 1/6 Scale Gamorrean Guard Figure

November 29, 2011

I posted about this figure over a year ago when it was introduced, and at the time I had some reservations about it. Part of it was the paint scheme, which seemed overly dark. It had fairly limited articulation, and something about the outfit (particularly the fur loincloth) seemed a little off. Combine that with a $120 price tag and my waning interest in 1/6 scale figures in general, and I ended up putting off the purchase of this figure until now.

But I got a very good deal on it and am happy to say that it’s actually quite good in person. Pulling down the loincloth and the belt helped the look quite a bit, and the color actually looks pretty accurate in hand. The articulation is about as bad as I had feared, though. He is unable to bend his elbows or knees, making anything but a “standing there” pose difficult. Admittedly, that’s probably what you want for your Gamorrean Guards most of the time, and the ball-jointed neck, elbows and hips do give you a little freedom to alter the pose.

One other reason that I wasn’t in a huge hurry to get this figure was that I already had a repainted version of Hasbro’s old 1/6 scale Gamorrean Guard that I was pretty proud of. However, when you see the two of them together, the Hasbro version looks overly exaggerated in its proportions, and of course it has even less poseability than the Sideshow version. It’s a lot cheaper than the Sideshow version, but when you consider that you have to completely repaint it from head to toe to get it to look decent, the Sideshow version seems like the clear winner.

Sideshow has since released another Gamorrean called “Gartogg,” which is basically identical to this one except that it has a slightly different facial sculpt and one broken horn (as well as one more axe than the two that come with this figure). I won’t be buying it at full price, but I’m impressed enough with this one to pick up Gartogg if I can get a good deal on him. After all, Jabba’s palace needs more than one Gamorrean to guard it. đŸ˜‰

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