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Gartogg the Gamorrean 1/6 Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

March 21, 2012

I wrote about the “regular” Sideshow Gamorrean figure a while back, and this one is very similar to that. It’s got the same costume and the same rotocast, barely posable body. In fact, there are only two official differences between the two.

Gartogg has a different head sculpt from the regular figure. His mouth is open in a bit of snarl, and one of his horns is broken off. I personally find both of the head sculpts to be a little off compared to the actual on-screen Gamorreans (or the Sideshow life size bust). Or maybe I should say that they’re an artistic interpretation. After all, the Gamorreans in the film couldn’t alter their facial expressions, so to get a snarl like like on Gartogg they had to get a little creative.

I don’t think this is an intentional difference, but the skin tone on my Gartogg is a bit darker green than the regular version. I prefer the lighter version (actually I think both of them are too dark).

The other difference between the two is the weapons they come with. Gartogg comes with all three of the weapons shown below (a vibro-ax, Gamorrean ax, and vibro-lance according to the box, although I’m not positive which ax is which). The regular version doesn’t come with the ax on the right.

The differences between these two figures are minor, to be sure. If you only want one Gamorrean, I’m not sure it matters that much which one you get. Gartogg does come with the extra ax, which is something, but he is now sold out at Sideshow and might be a bit harder or expensive to get. I think Sideshow made two versions of the Gamorrean Guard because a lot of people like to “army build” with these kinds of figures and get multiples of the same thing, and if you’re going to buy two or three Gamorreans, it’s nice to have a little variety.

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