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Geeki Tikis Rancor Monster & Jedi Luke Mugs (Celebration 2019 Exclusive)

May 29, 2019

The Tiki Bar-inspired ceramic mugs known as Geeki Tikis have seen remarkable success, with lineups from Star Wars, Marvel, Fallout, Game of Thrones and more. Maybe the popularity of things like Funko POP! figures sort of paved the way for this, and from what I understand the whole Tiki aesthetic is making a big comeback as well. The collectors among us can be glad because it means that they will be delving into the more obscure characters in addition to the most popular ones that appeal to the general public. In this case, that means the Rancor monster.

The rancor is quite large for a mug (indeed, they refer to it as a “mega mug” on the box) and it will apparently hold 45 ounces of liquid. The Jedi Luke “mini muglet” sits in his hand and is more like a large shot glass. The finish and sculpting on both are well done, although the line where the interior glaze meets the exterior color is a little wavy on both mugs. They look pretty cool together and it’s definitely nice to see more merchandise centered on the Rancor.

So I don’t really have any complaints with the products themselves, but there is one thing we have to discuss, and that’s price. The Jabba the Hutt & Salacious Crumb set that I reviewed back in 2017 was very similar, and was sold as a Comic Con exclusive, but it only retailed for $25. And because it was a shared exclusive with Think Geek, you could just order it from the Think Geek website and not pay extra on the secondary market. The Rancor set cost $60 at Star Wars Celebration and was only available there. This means that you’ll probably have to pay $100 or more on the secondary market to get these guys, and I’m not at all sure it’s worth it except to the hardcore collector. But naturally I couldn’t pass it up — not when there are more Jabba-related characters on the way.

I’d like to get a nice little Jabba’s Palace display going with these mugs, and I’m off to a pretty good start.

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