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More Star Wars Geeki Tikis Incoming!

April 7, 2019

Geeki Tikis is a line of ceramic mugs that combine pop culture characters with a tiki esthetic. I posted both written and video reviews of the Jabba & Salacious Crumb set that was a Celebration 2017 exclusive shared with Think Geek, and also made a video review of Series 2 of their Star Wars line last year. In a nutshell, I really like these even though I wouldn’t really consider myself a big fan of the tiki look. I think they are very well executed and look great on a shelf.


The good people in charge of this product line at Beeline Creative got in touch with me to let me know about some of their upcoming Star Wars products — and there are quite a number of them! I’ll start with the Jabba-related ones, but I’d also like to touch on the general Star Wars line as well. I’ve already posted about the Rancor/Jedi Luke set above in my rundown of Celebration 2019 exclusives, although I’ve learned a bit more about it since then. The price is going to be $60 and it will apparently not be available anywhere else but the show (although it might still make an appearance at the Reed Pop website).

At least as exciting as the Rancor set are four characters in Series 3 of the Star Wars line, which are going to be available first at FYE. These include a Gamorrean Guard, Han in Carbonite, Leia as Boushh and Jedi Luke. I heard about the Han in Carbonite before seeing the photo, and had some trouble imagining how they would pull it off in the tiki style, but I think it looks great. I would love to have Jabba’s Palace display that includes all of these.

Boushh has been given the ability to hold a skewer in lieu of her staff, which is a clever touch. They aren’t up on the website as of this writing, but they will be $19.99 apiece for everything but Han in Carbonite, which will be $29.99.

Beeline Star Wars Geeki TIkis

There are also a couple of others that will be first available at Toynk and are tangentially related to Jabba: Han Solo and Greedo. This will apparently be a set that will retail for $50. A little expensive, this one!

They will also have a Death Star for $40.


Going along with this is a Millennium Falcon “Mega Mug” that includes Chewbacca and Han Solo muglets. I think this looks great, but it costs a hefty $100.


They are also branching away from the ceramic mugs that make up the rest of the line to add some plastic cups in the same tiki style. These will apparently go for $12.99, which may or may not be expensive depending on how nice the plastic is. They look good in the photo below, and I think it would be nice to have non-breakable versions of these cups.


Finally, they are going to be releasing a set of 18 mini muglets for $180, and if you preorder at Celebration for September delivery you can get an exclusive golden C-3PO. Some of these are characters that have already been done in full-sized versions and some are new characters like Nien Numb, but I think they are all newly designed for this size.


Whew! I didn’t even get a chance to cover the swizzle sticks or coasters that are apparently also on the way. This line must be quite popular for them to be releasing so much product — especially when you consider that Star Wars is only a portion of what is available for the entire Geeki Tikis line. Do you have any of these?


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  1. April 9, 2019 2:19 am

    Great post, Mighty Jabba. I’ll try and get the Falcon but the Rancour is especially good in my opinion.

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