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Topps Star Wars Masterwork UK Postage Stamp Relic Card (with C-3PO, Jedi Luke and Jabba the Hutt)

November 26, 2018

topps_rotj_stamp_card1I have a couple of other postage stamps in my collection that feature Jabba on them, but they were from Mali and the Togolese Republic. Despite a number of Star Wars-themed stamps being released in the US and UK in the past, I think this is the first one from either of those countries that has Jabba on it in any capacity. This particular stamp is part of a series of 8 that the Royal Mail released in 2017 around the time of the release of The Last Jedi.

Version 2

So this is an actual postage stamp from the UK, but Topps has encased it in a hard card case to include with its Masterwork line of collectible cards. Other special cards have included things like autographs or even snippets of cloth from props, and I also have an earlier card with a patch of Jabba embedded in it. It’s kind of a cool idea, and it’s convenient for me since it allows me to easily protect and display the stamp. The real focus of this stamp is C-3PO, but Jabba is there hanging out in the bottom right. As you can see in the top left, they made 200 of these cards, and this is #81.


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