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Jabba the Hutt Patch Card from Topps Return of the Jedi Widevision Set

August 11, 2014


You’ve got to hand it to Topps. Trading cards themselves aren’t a new or exciting concept, but somehow they keep adding and changing enough to keep people interested. For this Return of the Jedi Widevision set, for example, the cards themselves are in a “widescreen” format and come in a “Han in Carbonite” box. Plus, the sets also include some randomly selected bonuses in the form of autograph cards, artist sketch cards, and patch cards like this. I got this card on its own from eBay since even if you buy one of the $100 sets you still only have a chance that a particular card will be included.

It’s a tribute to the original vintage trading card packs from 1983 (pictured below), with the Jabba portion represented by a patch that is integrated into the card itself. They also made the other three characters (Vader, Jedi Luke and Wicket). It’s a bit of an odd concept, but I like it.

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