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Cute Star Wars Pencil Case with Jabba the Hutt by Loungefly

November 15, 2017


My local Barnes & Noble recently renovated its music and movies section into a “pop culture” section. At first I wasn’t sure about this decision, since they’ve already devoted a large portion of the store to things like Funko POP! figures. But the music and movies tended to be way too expensive there, so I don’t consider it a great loss (and apparently they still have all the same stuff, just arranged differently). And the pop culture section is extremely impressive, with a lot of pop culture-inspired toys and other items. One thing that I found on my first visit was this cute pencil case from Loungefly. (Loungefly, you may recall, also made this awesome Jabba coin purse). They also had a small backpack with the same design, but it was obviously targeting women (plus it was expensive). But I did pick the pencil case up. It was $9.95.

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