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Japanese “Putitto Star Wars” Figures (Fuchiko-san Style “Glass Sitter” Figures)

September 3, 2017


I remember seeing little Fuchiko-san figures like this when I was in Japan the last time. They’re little women that cling to your glass in various poses, and apparently they are popular enough that they’ve come out with all kinds of variations and clones — such as these Star Wars versions. I ended up buying an entire box of these on Amazon Japan for cheaper than what they would have cost on eBay.


They come in a box that converts into a retail display box which is kind of nice. You get 8 boxes and there are only 5 variations of figure, so you’d think you’d get all of them if you buy a box. But there is a note in Japanese saying that they don’t guarantee this. Luckily, I did get them all, plus two Jabbas, two Ewoks and two Luke/Yoda figures.


I unboxed these in the video below. I found that the glass I was using (a vintage Burger King glass) was maybe not the best match for these since some of them had a tendency to fall off. But anyway, I thought there were pretty cute, and definitely a bit unusual.

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  1. September 7, 2017 7:01 am

    Those are pretty cool, Mighty Jabba.

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