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Upcoming: Bib Fortuna Mini-Bust from Gentle Giant

August 12, 2017


This isn’t exactly breaking news, since it was announced back during SDCC, but I thought it would be worth a post. While Gentle Giant has made a number of mini-busts for Jabba’s Palace characters (including Slave Leia, Oola, Gamorrean Guard, Leia as Boushh, Lando in Skiff Guard Outfit, and Yak Face), Bib Fortuna and of course Jabba himself were notable omissions. While Jabba might not be possible due to his size, it’s good to see that they’re finally giving Bib his due. I think he looks quite good (the photos are taken from this thread on created by user LightSword).


The bad news is that he is apparently going to be limited to just 550 pieces, and will be a sort of “surprise” release sometime in the latter half of the year. By that I mean that there won’t be a preorder, and instead the bust will just be announced as “in stock” at some point. There will be priority ordering for Premier Guild members, though, so if you want to make sure you get one and aren’t forced to rely on the secondary market, joining the PGM program might not be a bad idea.


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