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Jabba’s Palace Chubbies (Star Wars Chubby Stackable Figures by Unbox Industries/TADO)

May 7, 2016


Hot Toys originally came out with the Chubby line of nesting doll figures years ago, and I’ve posted in the past about the Leia set from 2008 that included Slave Leia and Leia as Boushh figures). Unbox Industries and TADO secured the rights to the series and put out their own versions more recently. Most of them are not very hard to find (you can get them on Amazon, for example) but I’ve had a terrible time tracking down the Jabba’s Palace set. I’ve been waiting for it since 2014, but it never seemed to show up anywhere. Finally, I got one from an eBay seller in the UK, and some cursory Googling leads me to believe that this might have only been released in the UK.


These nesting dolls are pretty similar to the Hot Toys versions, although their feet fit on with pegs. The Hot Toys versions originally didn’t attach to the figures at all, and later they added magnets. But I would say this more secure approach is preferable.


Bib Fortuna opens up and you can fit Salacious Crumb inside him if you want. Even though there appears to be a seam on Salacious, I couldn’t get him open and I felt like if I tried to pry it open I would end up screwing up the paint. Since there’s nothing inside him anyway, I just gave up.


Jabba also opens up, and he’s surprisingly large as well — maybe 5 inches long? You could put the other figures, minus their legs, inside him but I doubt I’ll be doing that. These are rather unusual figures to be sure, and I think their appeal is probably somewhat limited. My hunch is that they were discontinued before the Jabba set could see a proper release, so maybe it will end up being a rare one. In any case, I’m glad to have found it finally.

As a side note, who thought this would be a good logo for a product called “Chubby“?


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